The Meeting

We Are In Love! - WonWen Story
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Si Won’s POV

I’m sitting inside a room decorated like a wedding reception not quite knowing what to do with my clammy hands. I’m not new to being under the spotlight. In fact, that’s all I’ve ever known my whole life but as I’m sitting here waiting for my mystery bride I’m starting to question if joining this show was the right idea at all. It seemed like a fun way to expand my presence in China and to practice my acting skills in the process. I don’t really care who she is anymore. I just hope we get along in the filming and hopefully have an overall fun time. This is afterall, my first romance show. 

My thoughts were interrupted when I noticed the lights begin to dim and little fairylights that adorned the room start to light up like little fireflies. In front of me, a white screen begins to roll down and I could see the show’s logo before a clip of a woman clad in various sophisticated lingerie costume struts down a runway and underneath it says “the first Asian model to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway in 2009”. 

My eyes begin to widen as I realise that I do know her. 

“No way.” I said in disbelief

 “Could it be?” I whispered under my breath. I try to wrack my brain as to where I could have seen her before but I couldn’t remember. I was trying to figure it out when I looked to my right and saw the angel herself standing tall and pretty – a force to be reckoned with. She looked like an elegant goddess sent down to earth wearing a black tube dress paired with wide-brimmed black pants and Louboutins to match. Simply stunning. 

I just stood there for a second like an idiot being blinded by her smile and cute as hell dimples. 

I was about to s

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I may be a few years late but I can't forget about this couple!! So many possibilities with their love story that was cut too short. Its free to dream, right?!


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neverendingfangirl11 116 streak #1
Chapter 1: I'm excited for this story! I've watched their show and I really liked it! I keep on laughing on their own dynamic relationship. I agree with you that their story was cut short:( I'm looking forward for this one! fighting!