The Unraveling

We Are In Love! - WonWen Story
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Chapter 1


“Are you crazy?!”

“You’re going to ruin your whole modeling career by joining that cheap reality show!”

“You might as well jump off a bridge now – you’re good as dead once you join that show.”


These are only a few of the mixed reactions that I received when I told my friends and family that I have decided to join “We Are in Love”. It’s a Chinese version of “We Got Married” which is a Korean dating variety show where two strangers get “married” and given missions to test how well they work together as a ‘married couple’. Honestly, I don’t expect much from it. It’s a strange time in my life. My modelling has taken a life of its own which catapulted me into international fame and given supermodel status in a span of seven years. I walked for Alexander McQueen, Iris van Herpen, Chanel, Anna Sui, Gucci, La Perla, Louis Vuitton and all the other leading brands in the fashion industry. Hell, I was even named as one of the first Chinese model next to Ling Tan to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show so it’s safe to say that I’m breaking barriers in the international modelling community. With a bright modelling career ahead of me, why then did I decide to join a measly variety show?

Its really no brainer. I’m always on the pursuit of new experiences, new beginnings. I don’t like limiting myself into what I’m good at. I want to explore diff

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I may be a few years late but I can't forget about this couple!! So many possibilities with their love story that was cut too short. Its free to dream, right?!


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neverendingfangirl11 116 streak #1
Chapter 1: I'm excited for this story! I've watched their show and I really liked it! I keep on laughing on their own dynamic relationship. I agree with you that their story was cut short:( I'm looking forward for this one! fighting!