If It's Not You

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stories of love, heartbreak, hope, and defeat.

basically a(n angsty) wenrene ficlet collection





Title is from Ellie Goulding's Red Velvet Remix of "Close to Me"





Hello and welcome! This collection is dedicated to wenrene.

I made a mood playlist, if you want more feels to go with it. 




Thank you for all the subscribes and upvotes, and especially the comments! I appreciate it all. <3

This collection started off more as a way to express my thoughts and feelings. But thank you for reading this no-context musings I keep writing about. :)

To all the readers of this fic: THANK YOU! :D Happy New Year and I hope everyone has a better year ahead. :)

Shout out to those who regularly leave comments, I appreciate them all. ^_^ and to my friends, who listen to my rants and nag me to update, thank you. :P :D


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18smyths #1
Chapter 21: Pls make a sequel
Chapter 14: omg, just found this collection of yours and i must say these are all so beautiful T^T
i will read the rest that i have not read yet soon, but i'm sure they will be just as good
Chapter 12: Whoah 💗💙
Ooohhh dang 💙💙💙
Chapter 21: Wow
misguidedangel1989 #6
Chapter 21: Even though they didn't ended up being together. I love hove Joohyun move on and move forward with her life. (still silently wishing they'll still end up falling together in a right place at a right time ☺️☺️)
16 streak #7
Chapter 21: Gahh this fic just made me so damn sad all the time it's too angsty but I love it its beautiful the way you wrote how you convey their feelings and hit us with the right words amazing. Thank you so much for this.
thank you for sending me on a feels trip while reading this story. no matter how short the chapters were, every one of them evoked a distinct emotion as the story progresses. a bittersweet ending, but it's the kind that the characters definitely needed. also very realistic. thank you again for sharing your work, author. i wish you nothing but the best in the year 2020 :)
Chapter 21: In the end Irene is doing the right thing.
Forgive Wendy and herself, to let go what happened in the past and finally to move on.
Thank you so much for sharing this story to us.
paransaek #10
Chapter 21: Well that's life. I wasn't expecting them to end up together anyway because it felt like they're better off that way. Thanks author and a happy new year to you :)