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Ex husband and wife meet again years after that painful divorce that scarred them forever......


 Can A frozen heart melt with the warmest of love?






 If there's one mistake Kim Jisoo regrets in life, that is falling in love with her ex-husband,  V. He had used her and hurt her like no one and nothing else in this world. And so she promised herself she will never ever cross paths with him again. She keeps her distance. She hides herself in being a quiet and timid person nobody notices. She made sure her world is totally separate from his.




Until the company she's working for hit a crisis and was sold to the largest Pharmaceutical company in South Korea. It's none other than V's company! And as if that wasn't enough threat to her peace, CEO V even decided to prioritize the project Jisoo's team is working on...  that means regular face to face meetings. Something she can't survive!


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It all began five years ago...

Taehyung, V as many would call him, has only one thing on his mind...


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And that is... REVENGE!


He is going to reclaim everything his father lost four years ago. And he's going to use any means to suceed. Any means at all...even if that means he has to use his sweet childhood friend. He won't hesitate. Kim Jisoo may be a necessary sacrifice in the process. He will not get distracted. 


But will he have no regret?


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He takes her breath away....


If there's one skill Jisoo has that she's proud of, it's that she can navigate an almost awkward conversation into a pleasant one.

"Have you tried the drinks?" asked Jisoo

"Not yet." Said the Uncle.

Jisoo was about to lead the Uncle to the bar section when she noticed a familiar man standing by the bar. Jisoo's breath was caught. Her heartbeat suddenly sped. She felt her legs weak that she stopped walking.

That man...

That handsome man...

He is almost like shinning in her eyes...

That man is... V.

V has come.

"What's the matter?" asked the Uncle.

"Umm...." Jisoo felt like the air in her lungs suddenly was not enough for her to speak.

"Are you all right?" asked the Uncle.

"Drinks...this way..." Jisoo whispered.

Jisoo forced her legs to move. She led the Uncle towards the bar. She kept glancing at V. He seems to be looking for someone. He's eyes had been roaming around. Who is he looking for? If their eyes meet... will he greet her this time? Will she be able to greet him back? She's so nervous that she almost stumbled but quickly regained her balance.

"Are you sure you're all right?" asked the Uncle.

Jisoo nodded with a smile.

She continued to walk ahead. But when she took another glimpse of V, she stopped.

V... is looking straight at her.

And it felt like her heart stopped beating, her brain stopped thinking and all her pores opened all at the same time.

And then he smiled. HE SMILED. He smiled AT HER!

Jisoo's eyes widened double time! But she couldn't respond. She couldn't move, couldn't think.

Is this for real? Is he really smiling at her? As in for Her? Or is he just smiling to someone behind her?

And so Jisoo turned to look behind her but saw no one in particular V would have greeted with that smile.

Does that mean that smile is meant for her? Jisoo bit her lip. Her heart is jumping. She took a deep breath and slowly turned back.

And then gulped.

V is standing less than a foot from her looking straight at her with an even bigger smile.

Is this a dream? This can't be real, right? How can he be greeting her like this after all these years of ignoring her? And how come he's so close... too close... 

Way too close!

Jisoo took a step back but lost her balance. As she was falling back, V reach out to her and pulled her to him, one of his arms around her back and the other holding her wrist pulling her up.

Jisoo tried to take calming breaths when she regained her footing. But it was hard to breathe... especially now when V is just a few inches from her! Holding her!

Jisoo slowly lifted her eyes to look at V and his concerned look took her breath away triple time.

"I'm ok." Jisoo said, in a very high pitched almost like a whisper voice.

"Really?" asked V. "Are you really all right?"

"Yes." Said Jisoo. "Thank you... for catching me. I mean... that would have been a very embarrassing fall."

V's lips lifted to a smile.

"It won't." said V.

Jisoo felt V's hand on her wrist tighten.

"Because while I'm here... you will never fall." Said Taehyung

Then Jisoo's heart made a summersault.




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