55,365 minutes


To Seungwan, love is a series of numbers counting down to others happiness. She has spent her life watching people find their soul mates, happy to be on the sidelines. She had accepted her fate till one spring day when someone would step into her life and make her wonder, “Why not me?”


Main Characters: Son Seungwan, Bae Joohyun
People Around Seungwan: Park Sooyoung, Kim Yerim
People Around Joohyun: Kang Seulgi, Kim Jennie
Supporting Characters: Kim Jisoo, Park Chaeyoung, Lisa Manoban

Release Schedule: There isn't a set schedule for new chapters but instead they will be posted based on when the next, leading chapter is completed. For example, once the first draft of Chapter 3 is completed, Chapter 2 is published. Chapters will come out when ready rather than on a specific day each week.

This story is almost at it's end. Just the Epilogue to write. I'm feeling a bit melancholy as it draws to a close.
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