School is the beginning

Who are you ?

Looking out the window, there's no brightness from the sun, only pitch black with quick light that you almost can't catch with your own eyes. It's raining......rain the whole day since the time you wake up til it's almost the last session. This morning you walking with your blue umbrella under the rain to school as always. However, something caught your eyes on the way. It's a kitten. The white kitten shiver from cold under some tree to avoid rain as much as it can. Soften your heart, you put your one and only umbrella with written "J.S.M property" over the kitten. Pull hoodie over your head, you run to school. Luckly, you almost near school when you encounter the wet kitten.

*Bell ring*

"achoooo~" you sneezed. "Bless you! but Hey, what happened to you? catch a cold?" your seatmate a.k.a Eunji ask you, also your childhood friend whom know you for a long time. " Yeah, you can see. Why ask tho?" you replied. "Idiot, hahaha" Eunji replied and lightly hit your arm. 

"So Min-ahh!! Let's go home" you heard aloud voice from outside your class. "Okay, oppa" you said. Take a look at your friend " Sorry, oppa want me to go him so let's eat together next time" you smile at her and waved Goodbye. 

As you walk along side together, suddenly " So Min, it's almost the end of semester. You think you can nailed your exam? or you have something your don't understand? You can ask me". "Okay, Oppa. But I'm doing fine. You know your little sister" you smiling at your beloved and caring brother. "But oppa, you gonna graduate soon. How can I survive my school life without you?" you whining at your brother. "Don't worry, kiddo. You will be fine." he hold your hand. Yes, you still in middle school but you'll become first year at high school in 3 months while your brother, Hoseok, will graduate and have a scholarship to study in England, major in business. When your brother left, you will be alone in the house. You do have parents but they always busy with their works so only Hoseok by yourside. Moreover, once you start middle school you move out to live with your brother and went to the same school as him. 

Arrived in front of the house, Hoseok open the door with his keys and let you both inside. " Hey sis, what you wanna eat? I think I'll cook some soup since you seem to catch a cold, red nose girl" he said laughing. "Hey, it's not that bad" you pouts but finding the mirror to look at. "It is cheek too" you mumble. Hoseok heard and said " See, I told you. tomato girl". You try to hit him but he run away into the kitchen and laughing loudly. Signing, you walk to your room and change.

After dinner, you went back to your room to continue your daily activity but your brother shout out from the dinning table," Hey lilttle sis, try not to stay up too late. I know you must be infront of your computer typing again or crying or laughing...idk! Seriouly, what the heck are you up too so late?". " Nothing much, i just relieve my stress" you replied back. Well, your brother know you a died hard fan of kpop but didn't know you also an author in writing fanfiction and of course, you'll only keep that to yourself. You feel it's kinda weird and embarassed for someone you know to read yours. 

Morning came fast as always...*sigh* you get up from your bed, you finish your morning rountine and having breakfast with your brother before leaving for school. 

*Time skips*

3 months later.......

"Congratulation, Hoseok oppa!! my oppa look so handsome right now!!" you exclaiming and hugging him. "Only now? Am i that uglier before?" he pouted and you laughing at your childish big brother. At that time.....the time that the future you wish it didn't come.

"HOSEOK HYUUUUNGGGGG!!!"  you jump up at the loud voice coming from behid your back, not too far, calling your brother. Then you see a group of guys, walking toward your direction and one of them is waving. They clearly shinning among the crowds and easily to spot. " Yah, why are you always so loud Taehyung-ahh? See? Everyone is looking?" Hoseok pretend to close his ear. (Weird coming from Hoseok, right? xD anyway back to story).

"Hoseok-ahh, congratulation to you" the tall guy among them said and cute smile on his face. "Thanks Jin hyung". Everyone take time congrate your brother and chit-chat a bit until you cough a bit to take the attention from your big bro who clearly forgot you exist (Lmao) . He look at you and " Oh, guys!! I forgot, this is my one and only ugly little sister that i always told you guys, So Min" you hit him " Hey!!!" you whisper. Others join your brother and laugh, you slightly shake your head.

" BTW, this is Jin hyung" he point at the tall guy with sweet smile from before. "Hi, So Min! Nice to meet you, I'm the most handsome guy you ever seen, right?" *wow he really love himself* you think too yourself. You smile at him and nod since you quite lost of word because you just meet him and didn't know how to react.

"Here from right to left, it's Namjoon, Taehyung, Jimin, Jungkook". they all give you a hand shake and smile except Jimin guy, pull you for a hug and wishper "You quite hot yourself, Somin-ahh". " Yahh Park Jimin, Don't you dare flirt with my lil sis" Hoseok pull you back and the guy just laugh and wink at you.

However, one guy didn't say anything after congrate Hoseok when he arrieved. He just there standing listen to other, no expression on his white yet almost pale face. Hoseok come and put his hand over his neck " Lastly, this is Yoongi" (Oh, so his name is Yoongi). You look at him from leg go up until you guys meet eyes and realise you've been scanning him and he know it. A small smirk curve from his beautiful lip but it's almost nothing but you swear you saw it.

"And oh, did i mention? they're all your oppa, even though Kookie seem young but he's a year older"....... *WAIT, WHAT!!??*


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About this story, i might add different characters later to make it excited, if you guys have any suggestion about character, feel free to contact me. However, BTS will remain important in this so i can't twist the story by changing main character xD
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