What happens when single dad Yukhei meets single dad Mark?

"Nobody wants to date a twenty-year-old dude with a kid"

or at least that was what yukhei thougth.

also posted on my wattpad and on my ao3 account.


So i finally decideded to make an account here and post my stories here as well.

before we start some info
Mark and Lucas are both 20, their kids are 4. They live in Canda. Idk yet if all of nct will be included maybe at somepoint they will. Their might be in future chapters (if somebody wants to write it message me), if so i'll place warnings of course. English is not my first language so feel free to call out mistakes so i can change them! This is my first story so don't expect it to bee extremly good. The chapters will get longer as we get more into the story, the first two chapters will mainly be their introductions. I hope I can update as soon and often as possible. Have fun reading, and feel free to comment, like and follow xxx your author.
Here we go

Have fun reading! Xxx your author. 


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Chapter 20: i really am a er for these kinds of stories and i finally found a lumark one which is this beauty. my luck must be amazing because this story has me uwuing 24/7. can’t wait for future chapters! ?
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Chapter 18: This story needs more views.
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Chapter 18: This story needs more views.