Oh Hyukjae My Love!

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From the second Donghae saw Hyukjae he knew he would never stop loving him. Donghae will do ANYTHING to get Hyukjae. Hyukjae doesn't like him. He tolerates him, but he don't like him. Will he ever break?


Hiiiiii!!! This is my new fiction. It's going to be VERY cheesy.

So I have to tell you this. This story will have time jumps. But nothing bad. Just like their 14 in this fiction but in about 2 chapters they'll be 15. It's just so they can get older without me saying anything. Hope this clears up any confusion that may happen ;)



A 14 year old. He's in 8th grade. He's straight...(he thinks). He's just a normal video game loving, basketball playing, dance loving student. Oh and he loves strawberry milk. His life is great! Except for this one kid who just won't stop trying to get his attention. Oh and just his luck he's his neighbor too. 




A 14 year old. In 8th grade. He loves soccer (he's on the team), taking pictures, hanging out with friends, and Hyukjae. Oh how he loves Hyukjae. He would do ANYTHING. And he's so lucky because Hyukjae is his neighbor! 




He's a brat. He's 13 but he's so smart that he skipped a grade. He doesn't know how but he's Donghae's best friend. He loves video games, video games, and more video games. 




He's 14 years old. Everyone fan-girls over how cute he is! He's smart, cute, and kind! He's Eunhyuk's best friend. He loves the colour pink. And he may or may not have tiny incie wincie crush on Kyuhyun. 



Hi! Please support my new fiction! Thank you for all the support on 'Do I Like You?'. 

It really means the world to me! ❤️❤️❤️

Did you guys miss me?? (See the Super Junior reference?? Hehe)


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Chapter 10: Awwww...this fic is so cuteeee...
Hyukieee is starting to have feeling for hae???
Thank you for writing ♡
Akshahae #2
Chapter 10: Hooooo I am loving this
Chapter 10: Really love it❤️❤️ Can’t stop smiling:))
1004 streak #4
Chapter 10: So, is Hyukjae starting to fall for Donghae?
Thank you so much for the double update.
1004 streak #5
Chapter 9: Donghae really wants the best for his love. I'm excited to read the serenade abd Hyukjae's reaction.
Does Hyukjae have feelings for Donghae now?
Thank you so much for the update.
Happy Eunhae Day!
Chapter 8: i love this story. It's so cute.
Akshahae #7
Chapter 8: Oh my God this is gooooddd...waiting for the next chapter
1004 streak #8
Chapter 8: Thank you so much for the update.
Hyukjae is trying to look at Donghae in a different light. He couldn't understand why Donghae loves him. But I guess you can't just teach your heart who to love. Fighting Donghae!