The One with the Ball dancing

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A scenario where Kim Mia, Namjoon's younger sister ended up teaching Yoongi the Ball dance.



[CONTENTID2] For giving this story a chance :) [/CONTENTID2]

[CONTENTID3] "Namjoon and Yoongi who goes by the names RM and SUGA, joined together to emerge as a successful music producing duo. For one of their staff's marriage, Yoongi insisted that Namjoon's sister must be his date. In a few days, the girl found herself teaching dance to Yoongi, her long term crush."

Never mind the description, I just wrote whatever that came to my mind. I'll edit it to a better one in the coming days.

Anyways, about the story, this one is a requested one and this is my very first time in writing fluff. So, WARNING! This one might be cringey or even lame. Since you are here, why not give this story a try, may be even comment and upvote to make the writer happy?

The main content of this scenario, that dancing sequence, is from an addictive game which I played years ago. However, the character development and the situational changes are totally by ME!



[CONTENTID5] Min Yoongi / Suga [/CONTENTID5]




[CONTENTID9] Taehyung - Jimin - Jungkook (Cameo) [/CONTENTID9]


[CONTENTID11] Hoseok, Jin (Cameo) [/CONTENTID11]

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Okay, this layout is super cool and I JUST NEED TO USE THIS HERE!!

Also, I didn't give any image for the OC so that you have the freedom to imagine whatever the girl might look like. :)

Story written and developed by me, as I said earlier. So, please don't plagiarise. Thank You. [/CONTENTID12]

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Okay, I at titles. But, I can gurarentee you a hot one shot there. [/CONTENTID13]

The chapter is now complete. I really PRAY and hope you enjoy this.
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