It's You


“So, how do you define someone as a crush or a soulmate?”




A new message from an unknown sender. Tap to open.

Unknown: Haeun?

You: Who is this?

Unknown: Hey, Haeun^^


Unknown: Mino... I'm Mino.


Unknown: Haeun, please...

You: How do you get my number? I've changed it?

Unknown: Why didn't you tell that you changed your number? I called and messaged you all the time.

You: Who do you think you are? You're nobody to me.

Unknown: I'm your boyfriend.

You: Bull.

Unknown: I am and always yours.

You: We broke up. Wake the hell up.

Unknown: But I still want you as my girlfriend, Haeun. Please. Don't act like this. I'm hurt enough.

Unknown: You don't know how I feel those times without you.

You: I had enough with your lies. I'm out.

You: If you continue to keep bothering me, I'll block this number.

Unknown: Okay. Okay... Please don't. Just...

Unknown: I'm glad to know that you are breathing. Thank you for replying. <3

You: We're nothing now, Mino. Stop messaging me. 

Unknown: Have a good day, baby :)




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