Twist of Fate.


How many times in your life have you wondered if you were with the wrong family? 

Well, follow along with Jessica Kim and Jung Taeyeon in this fate twisted journey as they found out they were switched at birth.

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for the amazing poster, gratitude dear, and I absolutely love it.


Okay, I've never read anything like this before, and as you know I'm not really the best author out there but I assure you I'm unique in my own kind of way, simply because I love to try new things, weird plots? but worthy of your time.

This is going to be one shot as most of my taengsic stories these days, I would love to make it long, but I have so many ongoing stories waiting to be completed, and I'm going to complete them all by the end of may, so stay tuned.

This however, will take two to three weeks to be published, just subscribe and wait for it, you can upvote if you want, one thing for sure is, you're not going to get disappointed. Thank you all.

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