The Seventh Ash

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story by tycasthea
the 7th ash

Could we change something more valued than fate itself? Where would you be hiding after you realized you have befriended with something that you thought it never exists? You were close to losing your life and sanity because of them.

However, what had written on it—the old book said.
Every memory has its own history,
Every history has its own secret,
Every secret has its own keys.

Have you ever thought of—the path you choose will bring you down and lost into the Gravity of unsettled mind. 


Yes. You're in deep trouble.

Kim Jongin
oh sehun
byun Baekhyun
zhang yixing

The guard ran in and came back with a pack of ice and a drink. He handed them to her. She took it while smiling softly at the kindness the male showed to her. She quickly placed the ice on her greyish-blue ankle.

“How about you stay here? You can't go home in this condition” The guard suggested.

She lightly chuckled and shook her head a little and still focusing on tapping the pack on her ankle, " It's okay Sir. I can call someone to pick me up." She took out her phone only to notice that her phone was already dead. She sighed and looked up to the standing male in front of her.

“Sir, do you have a phone charger?”

The male shook his head, “I'm sorry. I'm not using a cell phone. I just use the public phone and said the phone in here already broke one month ago.”  He told her.

She nodded and looked at her watch, it was already 11 pm. Wait—what? a while ago, if she was not wrong—it was 8 pm before she got into the accident, and now it is already 11.30 pm?


How time could pass so fast without her noticing. She looked around the street and saw no car passing the road. She heavily sighed. The guard noticed the gloomy face of the petty girl and rubbing his nape slightly.

“I'm sorry miss. I can't send you home. I'm on my shift now. If you want to stay. You can stay in the infirmary room. I'll turn the light on.” The guard suggested and she had no other option. It was better than nothing. She couldn't walk and there is no phone. Her bike was already broken. There was no bus at those hours. She didn't want to stay outside in the cold night. She might catch a cool and her body is too weak and slow to recover.

She nodded.

“Alright, Sir. I'll stay.” She heartily smiled.

The guard's smile brightened and he nodded his head. He looked like he just won in a lottery.


Transferred this story from my old account. I will be rewriting it and do a little revamp.

A reminder, there is might be a few technical problems with my English (grammar). I hope it wouldn't kill your mood to read my rusty piece.  


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