Pretty Fool

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Kim Yongsun had been counting down the days until she could see her childhood friend Moonbyul. It was decided by their parents long ago that the two would get married. She never forgot about the cute orange haired boy and his adorable hamster cheeks. She couldn't wait tease this handsome fool that called her "unnie" when they were younger.   


This is my first fanfic so please treat me kindly. ^^;;

The setting is in old historic times. Anyone watch Epik High's new MV release with IU and Jin Seo-yeon? So. Freaking. Good!! 

Byul's character as a martial artist was inspired by it.

You guys!!! Gogobebe got its second win!! Crying tears of joy right now...uhuhu T-T
I'm all fired up to push a new chapter out now...hopefully you'll enjoy it.
MAMAMOO & MOOMOO, hwaiting!
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