If It's For You, I'm Alright

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Jungyeon has had a crush on Lee Taeyong since middle school but her new friend Sungah suddenly does too.


Jungyeon is too nice for her own good, especially when she decides to give up her long time crush on Taeyong when her new friend Sungah claims she's come to like him too.

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This oneshot has been entered into an NCT Writing Contest: The Vision. I recommend you checking it out and entering your own fic too!

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Because the oneshot is around 14K words and because this is the first place I've posted it I've made it subscribers only.

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The title and Jungyeon are heavily influenced by Hui's (of Pentagon) song 'For You.'

I can really relate to Jungyeon and Hui, I feel like a lot of people can. Everyone has someone they'd do anything for to make them happy.

If you haven't listened to 'For You' yet you can below, it's beautiful: (Be sure to turn on the Subs)

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Characters You'll Come Across:


Park Jungyeon

Lee Taeyong



Ji Sungah

Han Jiahn

Kim Doyoung

Kim Sekyung

Jung Jaehyun

Johnny Seo


Wong Yukhei (Very short appearance)

Lee Hana (Very short appearance)

Nakamoto Yuta (Very short appearance)

Qian Kun (Is mentioned)

Moon Taeil (Is mentioned)

I have started a Jaehyun-Sekyung oneshot. However, don’t grt too excited as I have no idea when and if I’ll ever finish it! I’m such a slow writer, plus this week is a busier week for me, I got a meeting to prepare for on Friday and on Wednesday I’m going to look for an apartment!
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