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I lost you because I'm stupid

I lost you and I'm never been the same

And when I finally found you again why does it feel like I've lost you more than before?

I found you yet you felt further away from me


A Tagalog fic for one of my favorite ship ever. I might translate this in English once it is done if I can but no promises. 

Thank you in advance for taking your time to read this story, all votes or comments will be very much appreciated. I hope you'll enjoy this and will worth your time. 

To set your expectation, I'm not a professional writer so there will be a lot of mistakes in terms of grammar and how's the story is delivered but I'll try my best to give you something good. 

The stucture of this story is a mixture of flashbacks and present time. Every chapter except the first one and/or the latter parts will have a flashbacks on it. The flashbacks will center on the story of how the two characters met leading on how they end up on their current situation. This is in taglish cause of some locations. 

And this story is a mixture of romance, drama and a little bit(a lot) of angst. 

So there, enjoy reading! :)

I just realized 2017 ko pa pala sinimulan tong story as a draft, I need to adjust the timeline para magkasense sya.
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