The Trail We Blaze


When clever street gambler Kang Seulgi wins an ancient treasure map in a game of dice, who better to help her find the lost secrets of the world than the silent, mysterious Bae Irene?

(Seulrene Fantasy AU)





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Sea Monsters. Dragons. Enormous Elephants the size of Mountains.

Things they talk about in stories. Things to scare kids to sleep at night. But when poor street gambler and clever conwoman Kang Seulgi wins a treasure map in a back-alley game, she gets the opportunity to see if it's all real - to see if the world is as the stories say.

She's determined to do it, but first she's got to put together a team, a merry band of rogues and outcasts to help her on her epic, world-spanning quest. A group that includes the quiet and unusually self-sufficient Bae Irene, whom Seulgi has never met before and knows nothing about, but is instantly captivated.

Their quest takes them through dark cities and treacherous mountain strongholds, across vast and lifeless deserts, beyond shining seas and glimmering bays, and through forests that seem to never end. And soon, Seulgi comes to realise that Irene is not who she first said she was, and nothing in the world is at it seems.

Something is very, very wrong.


Inspired by (and shamelessly replicated from):

The Road to El Dorado

Divinity: Original Sin

Stephen King's The Dark Tower

Stephen King's The Stand

Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker




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Author's Notes

I'm on a big Fantasy binge lately so I thought I'd write some more. Apologies if it's not your fave genre or anything but I love it. This is going to be:

  • Less dark than Our World is Blood
  • Have a lot of comedy
  • Have a lot of action
  • Have romance
  • Also have a bunch of serious drama in between the comedy, so it won't be quite as slapstick as Seoul City Vice (but still lots of funny stuff)

And before you ask - no, I'm not abandoning swim. I'm just writing this as my main fic for now.

It's worth saying again: Don't expect the same wacky as Seoul City Vice all the time - there will be some still but a lot of drama and serious stuff as well! :)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy! :)


SPECIAL THANKS to @lucyandthepen and the Blooming Days Graphics Shop for the cover! <3

If you haven't read any of my other stories yet, you can find them here:

Apologies if updates seem slow! I know some of y'all are used to me updating daily hahaha <3 Enjoy!
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