Let It All Out / Sassy Seulgi~

Marrying A Divorcé [Sehun x OC]
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Quickly taking a bend to the other side of the road, Jongin drove the car straight into the gigantic tree, causing one of the back tyres to deflate as he tried his best to avoid hitting his head on the steering wheel.


Eyes doubling the normal size in shock and fear, Jongin's heart rate pounded triple times the normal rate as he got out of the car, ready to talk some sense into the female's head that made him to risk his life few minutes ago.


Matching over to where the female was, Jongin gritted his teeth in anger as he found the female still standing there, nodding her head to God knows what music was playing in her head.


Giving the girl a slight push on her shoulder to get her attention, Jongin slowly tapped his foot on the ground, trying to control his temper because his beautiful flashy car is now the opposite of what it was few minutes ago, all he could see right now was a ruined compacted, patched car, pressed into the tree.


"What was that all about? Why where you standing in the middle of the road? Have you lost it? Do you want to get yourself killed?" Jongin asked, eyes bloodshot, ready to sue this stranger to court for suicidal thoughts and for the car insurance.


Staring back at the lawyer with a raised brow, facial expression unreadable. The stranger carefully took her time to take off the headphone from her ears, causing Jongin's blood to boil in anger because this stranger wasn't even listening to him, plus she was standing in the middle of the road with a headphone on.


"Hey Dude, what's up? Why are you standing in front of me?" The young lady asked in a calm tone with a proud look evident on her face.


"Are you mad? You're wearing a headphone, standing in the middle of the road with no care, wanting to get killed and now you're asking me what's up? Are you blind? Can't you see the damage you've just created due to your irresponsible and illmannered actions?" Jongin asked while pointing towards his car, causing the stranger to look at the direction where the car was situated then back at the barrister.


"So ing what? Why are you yelling at me? Just who the are you Dude to speak to me in like that manner? How can you say that I was gonna commit suicide? I love my life way too much to want to get knocked down by a vehicle." The stranger retorted with a look of irritation evident on her face.


"What did you just say? Did you just use the 'N' word on me? Are you insane?"


"Get lost dude. Now you listen to me." The stranger said while arrogantly taking a step closer to the barrister before adding "I'm an artist and I don't entertain people like you. I'm outta here."


Holding unto her wrist in a tight grip, Jongin dragged the girl down the road, entering into the nearby police station.


"Leave me! I said let me go!" The stranger screamed but to no avail as the barrister kept mute.


"Hello Sir, how may i help you?" The senior inspector who just walked out of his office asked, causing the stranger to smile upon seeing him.


"Uncle Leeteuk, tell this man to let go of my wrist, he's hurting me."


"Seulgi? What are you.. Oh my gosh. Please let go of her hand Mr Jongin." Leeteuk said to which the barrister obeyed.


"Senior inspector do you know this lady attempted to commit suicide by standing in front of my car so I can run her over and at the cause of avoiding it, I drove my car straight into the tree. She even had the nerve to insult me so now she'll pay for all the damages." Jongin said, causing Seulgi to roll her eyes in return.


"I'm not gonna pay for any damages. You were just too clumsy enough to notice a pedestrian crossing or maybe standing in the middle of the road listening to her newly composed song."


"Oh please dear niece, cut the crap about the music thing. You've been in this for quite sometime now and still you haven't been able to release that one song and you're busy boasting about it. Don't make me inform your parents about this." Mr Leeteuk warned the sassy girl to which Seulgi frowned in anger before looking away.


"Mr Jongin, I know you as a highly reputed lawyer and more so your parents are highly respected in this country. Please forgive my little niece's nonchalant behavior. I promise you all the damages will be taken care of. "


"It's okay Mr Leeteuk, here is my number. Do call me when you're done with it." Jongin said while shaking hands with the inspector as he gave him his card.


"A future artist for quite some time now? How cheap and downgrading." Jongin said while staring at the sassy, beautiful girl in front of him, causing Seulgi to frown in anger to which the barrister chuckled in amusement before walking off.




"Mummy, Mummy. Come join us to play. We're building a sand castle and Uncle Senniehun is so good at it. Let's make sure we build a higher one than his." Minjun said in a cheerful voice while shaking Hyeri's hands, trying to get her attention but to no avail to which the little kid frowned in return, a little upset before walking off.


Staring at the bright blue sea, Hyeri let out a small sigh as a tear rolled down her cheek. 


'Wookyung, it shouldn't have to end like this. You were so quick at signing the divorce papers, way too quick, you didn't even look at me. Am I that worthless to you? Despite you not loving me, I loved you and for the fact that we spent five years of our lives together as a married couple is a big deal. I miss you Wookyung, I miss you so much that it hurts to live without you my love.' Hyeri inwardly said in her heart as more tears rolled down her cheeks.


It has been a week now since Wookyung left their lives and ever since then, Hyeri has been seeking for solace in a quiet place, anywhere at all, far away from the happy laughter of happy people.


A hand waving in front of her face, caused her to snap out of her train of thoughts as she stared at the hand, then at the owner, causing her to quickly wipe the tear stain off her cheeks as she let out a tensed smile upon seeing Sehun, unbeknownst to her that he already know and understands the pain she's going through right now.


"W..why are you here to t..trouble me Mr Oh Sehun? You should be with Minjun right now, else he might decide to hit the both of us really har

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