Straight Kids

Straight Kids (plus 8 gays)



*hairflip* adds bottom#1



*hairflip* adds bottom#2



*hairflip*: i need help


bottom#1: ually or actually need help


*hairflip*: actually need help


bottom#1: wow that's a first


bottom#2: agreed


*hairflip*: minho has been dancing in the studio for 8 hours or so


*hairflip*: no break


*hairflip*: and im not sure but i think he's crying as well


bottom#1: minho never cries...


bottom#2: okay let's go get him bubble tea then


bottom#1: yeah he loves bubble tea


*hairflip*: okay which one of us is better at talking


bottom#2: not me


bottom#1: i think im angsty enough


*hairflip*: okay so innie and i will go to get bubble tea


*hairflip*: which flavor you want minnie?


bottom#1: if you really love me change my user to minnie



bottom#1 is renamed to OurMinnie



bottom#2: what about me?



bottom#2 is renamed to bottom#1



bottom#1: thats it im all seungminnie's now


bottom#1: no cuddles for you



*hairflip* is renamed to NOTICEMEINNIESENPAI



NOTICEMEINNIESENPAI: that's okay ill just do aegyo and you'll crack


bottom#1: gosh diddly darn he know my weakness


OurMinnie: ok im going to the studio now


OurMinnie: meet you little s there




bottom#1: love you too

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