Got me all messed up

You Better Know


Dim lights and soft music.


Those two things are supposed to be in everyone’s checklist for a romantic night.


But that doesn’t seem to be the case for Seulgi and her gorgeous girlfriend.


Right now it’s the middle of the afternoon and as far as music is concern, Seulgi swore she put her playlist on. But the sweet melody seems to fade away in the distance as all she could hear that afternoon is the soft gasps that escape her girlfriend’s lips in perfect rhythm with her own breathless gasps.


With Jennie’s dad she had always been cautious if she’s doing enough to please him. with him has been more like a thinking game, where she has to strategize each step, cataloging which works and which bores him. But with Eunae, it’s different, so different. It almost felt like dancing, where you just let the rhythm control you. Their first time, Eunae reassured her over and over again that it was okay to want it too. That it wasn’t just about pleasing the other, you have to please yourself too. That it’s okay to have that spine tingling feeling that you thought only exists in books and fantasies. And Seulgi couldn’t believe it took her this long to realize why it’s called making love.


And after their first night, it’s as if it cut Seulgi from the strings that she was bounded in for so long and just let it go. Their first time wasn’t gentle and soft, instead it was two people who had too much love to give. Their kisses were messy, their skin tainted but never did the word pleasure ever made sense until that night and every night after that.


And right now, they were both close, so close and Seulgi knows that in one caress both of them are going to come undone.




Ba…by shark! Dodododododo…


Both Seulgi and her girlfriend’s eyes shot wide open as that children’s song burst out of nowhere, and before anybody (specifically her girlfriend) could react, Seulgi jumps out of the bed, almost throwing her bluetooth speaker out the window.


But the embarrassment turned into sweet laughter when she hears Eunae’s soft giggles from the bed.


“It’s okay, it’s okay… come back here,” Eunae gently pleaded and who was Seulgi to say no to that? She jumps back into bed, burying a blushing face in the crook of Eunae’s shoulders.


“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.”


“I have that in my playlist too. Like the whole class just literally stop as soon as they hear that.”




“Yes. So, it’s okay. It’s not a problem.”


“You’re supposed to be taking a break from them though.” Seulgi apologizes while circling her thumb on Eunae’s chest.


“Those are my babies. They’ll always be a part of me.”


“You’re amazing.”


They exchange a sweet peck on the lips and after catching their breaths, it dawned on Seulgi at the exquisite sight next to her. Eunae is gorgeous, so ing gorgeous that it almost felt criminal to just look at her.






Seulgi chuckles before pressing a kiss on those swollen lips, “Happy 100th day anniversary.”


She instantly saw her girlfriend’s lips quirk into the sweetest smile. “Happy 100th day anniversary.”


“Thank you for doing this.”




“Asking for this day off.”


“Of course.” Eunae leans over and kisses Seulgi on the top of her head. “100 days of being with you.”


Seulgi couldn’t count how completely lucky she is to be with someone as understanding as Eunae. Yes, they have been together for around 100 days, but other than his and hellos at school and long conversations when Jennie falls asleep, they hardly spend any time together.


“You don’t have to do that, you know?”




“Apologizing,” Eunae says softly while threading her fingers along Seulgi’s dark locks. “And thanking me for everything. There is no reason for it.”


“I know… it’s just that… We don’t usually go on vacations unless its with everyone else. So, I’m sure she would be excited to just stay overnight in the hotel. So… I’m… I know it’s-”


“It’s okay… it’s okay,” Eunae reassures her worried girlfriend with a kiss after kiss. “And besides,” Eunae slowly sinks her teeth on Seulgi’s shoulder. “I have you all to myself all day right now.”


“So, it’s still an hour before I have to pick up Jennie from school, any plans, Ms. Jo?”


It didn’t escape Seulgi the bright glint in Eunae’s gorgeous eyes as she pouts thoughtfully before uttering what is on her mind.


“How about ice cream?”


End of flashback




“So, you’re telling me you and Ms. Jo went out for some ice cream on your 100th day celebration?” Jennie asked with an “are-you-kidding-me” look on her face.


To anyone who might get to see this family dinner, it would look like the situation is reversed. Eunae and Seulgi got that nervous expression similar to two high school kids trying to dodge the watchful eye of their mom who obviously knew what “ice cream” truly meant.


“Ummm yes. Yes. We just… we went to the ummm…”


“Mall?” Eunae said, providing back up.


“Yes! to the mall and we ate good lunch. I think it was sushi.”


“It was definitely sushi.”


“And burgers because you love burgers.”


“Yes, definitely.”


Jennie on the other hand is just trying her damn best not to laugh in front of her mom’s face as they scramble to embellish the truth. It amuses Jennie to no end that her mom still thinks she’s clueless on how babies are made. Jennie have come quite close to doing it several times with her exes, but she always pull herself away when she knew who her heart really wanted.


“So, maybe for your 100th day anniversary you can treat Chaeyoung out to dinner.”


“Well, I actually plan to cook for her.”






Eunae turned to her wife and wasn’t the least bit surprise to see Seulgi getting teary eyed in pride at how romantic their daughter turned out to be. Both her and Seulgi are terrible cooks with Jennie raised with takeouts and instant anything (sandwich and sandwich and more sandwich). It was when Jennie was around seven, when she figured out that making a sandwich is not considered cooking.


“Yeah… if you don’t mind me inviting her over that night.”


“For a sleepover?”


Seulgi’s voice hitch a bit at the suggestion, mind going into overdrive whenever the word sleepover comes around.


“No mom, just for dinner and maybe a movie. I doubt Aunt Wendy and Aunt Irene would let her stay over.”


“They won’t.”


“Yeah… they won’t. But it’s okay. You’re okay with it, right?”


“Of course… of course.”


“Yeah, who knows maybe we might get some ice cream,” Jennie teased with a deadly wink.


And never did the word ice cream sounds so terrifying.




“Hey mom, mama.”


“Hey, my baby.”


Irene watches her youngest daughter cautiously. She could already tell from that cute little tiptoeing in the living room that something is going on inside that pretty head.


“So, how are you guys?”


Her wife finally put their show on pause and put her full focus on their daughter.


“Me and your mama are okay, how about you? Are you doing good?”


“Ummm… yes? So…”




“Well, ummm…” Chaeyoung is doing that little cute head tilt she does when she wants something. Now it’s up to her and her wife to see where this is going. “I was wondering if I could get like maybe a month’s allowance in advance.”


The two moms could only exchange surprised looks, that request definitely came out of nowhere.


“Why? Is your allowance not enough?” Wendy’s heart break at the thought that her daughter is not getting enough food, especially since her baby loves her food.


“Her allowance is just fine, Wen.” Her wife reassured her. “What do you need the extra for?”


Chaeyoung could think of a million reasons to get that money. A contribution in class, a bake sale, an upcoming imaginary field trip. But Chaeyoung is Chaeyoung and she couldn’t imagine ever lying to her parents about it or anything actually.


“It’s just that ummm… ahhh… it’s just that our anniversary is coming up so I would really-“


“Anniversary?” Irene lowers her phone down, giving her daughter a curious stare which looks way scarier than it should be. “You have been dating for a year already?”


“W-well no. I mean our 100th day anniversary.”


Her moms like always shows two very different opinions.


“100 days?” Irene think it’s ridiculous to consider a 100 days as an achievement, while her wife…


“Awwww…” Wendy is gushing so hard, that Irene could practically see her eyes turning into cartoonish hearts. “That is so sweet, darling. Your Jennie unnie is so lucky to have someone like-”


“Stop.” Irene took a grip of her wife’s hand before she could hand their daughter their retirement fund. “You should have saved for it.”


The fluffball team exchanged knowing glances. Chaeyoung is about to put on those deadly puppy dog looks and Irene could practically hear her wife’s heart crumbling.


“You know what, Chaeng? You and Jennie should wait to celebrate until you are married, have kids, is paying mortgage and car payments and if you’re still together then you two should celebrate. Your mommy Wendy will even pay for that dinner.”

“W-what now?” Wendy blinks in confusion at her wife’s suggestion.


“B-but… mommy.”


Oh no, she called her mommy instead of mom.


“N-no, Chaeyoung your mama is right. You should have saved for it.” Wendy could only say in defeat.


“But I promise I won’t ask again, just this time, just this one time… please mama… please?”


“It’s the thought that counts, darling.”


“I know that’s why I thought of this really awesome gift.” She squeezed in between her two moms, before taking out her phone to show the gifts she’s planning. “So, it’s like Four gifts. First, when she wakes up she’ll get a delivery of this bouquet of flowers, second, during lunch she will have her favorite cake from this super IG worthy place.”


“What’s IG?” Irene wondered.


“Instagram, sweetheart.”


“Third is well she likes make up so I got her this awesome set of brushes. Like isn’t it cute? It looks like unicorn horns.” Chaeyoung gushed excitedly.


“Does it work differently from the regular brushes?”


That was a question Chaeyoung never really asked herself.


“W-well, I don’t think so.”


“Then, buy the regular brushes then,” Her mama Irene always the practical one suggested.


“But it’s so much prettier.”


“Is she walking around in public while trying to contour?”


“W-well no?”




Irene opens to add more valid reasons why it’s crazy to get unicorn looking brushes, but her wife lays a hand on hers and pleaded with those brown eyes to let her daughter finished her list of ridiculous gifts.


“-and then last, like during our dinner, I want to give her this personalized necklace.”


“Oh wow sweetheart that is so sweet, right Irene? Irene?”


Aiiiiisssshhhh to be young and in love and so impractical.


“You are a high school student, Chaeyoung. How do you think you could afford these things?”


“Well ummm… I.”


“When you have a job and you are earning, you can buy her anything that you want but for now… get her a card and some flowers from the garden. If she loves you, she will understand.”


Wendy quickly shifted sides once again.


“That’s right, write her something from your heart. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.”




“Your mama is right, Chaeyoung. It’s not the material things that matter. During our 100 day anniversary, your mama gave me a gift that no money can buy.”


“Oh my God,” Chaeyoung cringes at the idea of this gift.


“What are you thinking? I meant her love and devotion. Your mama gave me her love and devotion.”


“If you really want to give her this gift, you have to find a job so you could afford these.”


“Mama! our anniversary is in two weeks!” Chaeyoung squeals in worry.


Irene’s attention went back to the television screen, ignoring the two pair of pleading eyes.


“Better start looking for a job then.”




“Your mama said that?” Lisa mumbled between the munching of her Cheetos.


Chaeyoung just answers with a weak nod, before calming herself with sips of her boba tea.


“Why are the so expensive though?”


“I just believe she deserves it.”


But Lisa knew her for years, she could already pinpoint Chaeyoung’s little quirks when something is bothering her. She knew something is up and she’s going to make sure she’ll get to the bottom of this.


“There is something more,” Lisa deduct with a narrow, judging gaze at her bestfriend.


“Yea- I mean No," Chaeyoung slip before being catching herself. "I mean just forget it.”


“What? How could I forget it when you brought it up?” Lisa says dramatically, her arms flapping around for effect that everyone in that café wont be surprise if Lisa flies to the ceiling. “You can’t do that, Chaeng! That’s mental torture!”


“Fine. You know Mina sunbaenim, right?”


“Oooohhh that girl is filthy… filthy rich.”


“Yes and she’s ummm… she’s well-”


“Oh! Oh! Oh! I know… I know,” Lisa raises her hand like an eager beaver. “She’s the ex.”


“She is. I heard that during their 100th day anniversary, she closed the Peninsula Restaurant-”


“Wait? the one overlooking the entire city but their food is ?”


“The food isn’t ,” Chaeyoung corrected her. She went there once, once during her mommy Wendy’s birthday. The food was definitely out of this world, but the bill came and from the look on her mommy Wendy’s face, she’s surprise she made it to another birthday. “It’s a Michelin award winning restaurant.”


“I know, I’m just trying to make you feel better.”


As much as she appreciates Lisa’s effort to help, it did little to actually boost her moral.


“And not only that, she gave Jennie a Tiffany’s necklace and a Chanel purse.”


“Pfffttt… now they’re done. I bet she wished she just took Jennie unnie to Mcdonalds now, huh?”


“Lisa.” Chaeyoung responded with a groan.


“What? Imagine all the dollar burgers they could have bought?”


Chaeyoung’s lips quirked in a smile. Lisa might be a nut, but she’s a special kind of nut, a nut that never fails to make her BFF smile.


“I bet Jennie unnie gave her a gift she won’t forget.”






“What do you mean?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking bout.”


Chaeyoung just narrows her eyes suspiciously at Lisa who is doing this playing this dumb thing to a tee.


“So, ummm… do you think she and ummm… you know… well…”


Lisa knows where this question is going but she’s just having the time of her life watching Chaeyoung struggle to get those words out. If there is one thing Lisa could do perfectly, it’s pretending to be a .


“What do you mean?”


“You know,” Chaeyoung’s voice hitch.


“I…I don’t.”


“Well, don’t worry about it,” Chaeyoung brushed it off and instead just focus on sipping on her boba with a vengeance.


“You know I would lend you money, but my allowance ain’t here yet… but how about…”


Chaeyoung’s eyes grew wider at what Lisa is about to imply. She knows where is Lisa going with this, she had been trying to get her to join her.


“No, Lisa. No.”


“But why not?!!!!!!” Lisa suggested along with a few strategic tickles on Chaeyoung’s side.


“What? No! no,” Chaeyoung dodges another tickle attack from Lisa. “I don’t think I could do that.”


“Why not?! Chaeyoung you have a hot body, I’m pretty sure you’ll get large tips.”


“What did you say?”


“I meant you have a great personality. C’mon Chaeng, it’s not so bad. It’s a good BFF bonding time.”


“You think I could do it?” Chaeyoung asked, her tone full of uncertainty.


But judging by the greasy smirk painted on Lisa’s lips, it’s not hard to tell that Lalisa Manoban is more than convince of that.


“If there is anyone who could do it, it’s you.”




“I got it.”


Before Chaeyoung could argue, Jennie already reached for the bill before plopping a few dollar bills on it.


“Baby?” Chaeyoung plops her head on Jennie’s shoulder.


It’s cheesy. It sounds so cheesy that Jennie could feel herself about to puke the burger that she just spend her whole week allowance for. But that puky feeling just had to step to the side, because Jennie can’t help but feel so lightheaded whenever Chaeyoung is the one who says it.




“So, ummm… when you and ummm… Mina sunbaenim were dating, who paid?”


“We split the bill.”


It was Mina who paid but Jennie ain’t going to put her girlfriend through that. Chaeyoung is too young (okay, she’s just a year younger) and too impressionable that the only thing that the truth does is put a blow on her already soft heart. Mina is everybody’s ing dream girl and Jennie had a few rare moments where she thought she was her dream girl too.


Too beautiful, too sweet and too feisty in the sheets. Jennie had a few close calls with her, but right before it happens, it’s like her heart tugs her back to who she really wants to be with.


But they could offer Jennie the entire squad of Victoria’s Secret Angels and every KPop Goddesses in every group, but they don’t stand a chance to Chaeyoung.


“Oh!” Chaeyoung perks up. “We should split it too.”


“Well, I already got it. I promise next time.”


“Well then, I could pay you half.”


“Okay, then give it to me,” Jennie motions it with her hand which Chaeyoung eagerly agrees, digging into her purse only to get a surprise kiss on her lips.


“W-what?” Chaeyoung covers her blushing cheeks.


“That’s the kind of payment I want.”


“Kang Jennie, so cheesy.” Chaeyoung squeals, her cheeks still sprouting a cute pink.


“Am I now?”


The two were about to lean in for another kiss, when reality hits Chaeyoung like a ton of bricks.


“Oh ummm," The junior pulls away before their lips met. "I got to go.”


“Wait,” Jennie’s face scrunches into a cute pout from the interruption. “it’s not Wednesday today.”


“No, it’s not music practice. It’s ummm… I have to do something.”


She’s lying. Her girlfriend is lying and Jennie answered her skeptically with a raised brow. “Like?”


“Ummm… I got ummm- well- my mom wants me to run an errand.”


“Okay, then I could go with you.”


“N-n-n-no. It’s ummm something very personal.”


Jennie wonders why Chaeyoung is even bothering to lie, when she could win the award for worse liar ever. She shifts around, brows bobbing everywhere, her reasons are beyond ridiculous. But Jennie knows that she could easily flip her over, but she’ll give Chaeyoung a break especially if she looks too adorable to hide it.


“Very personal?”


“Ummm… Y-yes.”




Chaeyoung’s eyes grew in surprise that Jennie actually fell for it. If she only knew…




Jennie’s lips curl into that knowing smile, that for some reason just made Chaeyoung gulp nervously.




“Oh my God, Chaeng!” Lisa squeals excitedly as she sees Chaeyoung stepping out from the restroom looking so glorious in her outfit. “It’s like you’re born for this!”


Chaeyoung on the other hand disagrees as she keeps pulling her dress down lower.


“I think it’s too short.”


“You have worn shorter things than that! Chaeyoung, get ready for the tips, girl. Remember the squeakier the voice, the better. Let’s kill these otakus.”


“Oh my God, Lisa you just have to go there?”


“Of course… So sorrr…”


“What’s that?”


“That’s saying sorry but for cooler people, so you probably can’t relate.”


Chaeyoung waited until midnight for the release too and could only respond with an eyeroll “Fine. Let’s make a deal.”


“A Deal?”


“Whatever happens, Jennie couldn’t know about this.”


Lisa raised a brow in confusion, she’s pretty sure Jennie is going to love Chaeyoung in this outfit. “What? Why?”


“Because-“ Chaeyoung sighs in defeat just accepting the fact that this would be her reality for a couple of weeks. “Just promise me please.”


“Because? I think she would like it, like really like it. But fine…”


Chaeyoung deciding to seal the deal with an unbreakable pinky promise.


“Pinky promise?”


Lisa linked her pinky with Chaeyoung’s to show her bestfriend commitment.


“Pinky promise.”




“So, I just want to let you guys know that I listen to mama’s advice and I’m working right now.”


Chaeyoung announced during dinner, while giving her sister a warning look, before she could spill anything.


“Oh wow!” Wendy’s brows just pop up to the ceiling in pride. “You did?”


“I ummm… I did.”


“So, where do you work?”


“Oooooohhhh… Ummm…” Chaeyoung shoots her sister another warning look. “It’s a café.”


“She works so hard in there, she’s basically like a maid,” Jisoo turns to her sister just to flash her a eating grin.


“Oh honey, it’s okay.” Wendy pats her daughter’s hand, eyes getting misty at her hardworking darling. “All first jobs are like that but you learn from every job that you have.”


“I know. I’m learning a lot of things there.”


“It’s like you’re MADE to work there.”


“Maybe, you should find a job too, Jisoo.” Irene suggested, thinking that her own flesh and blood just have way too much time in her hands. While Chaeyoung is truly like Wendy getting involved in every extra curricular activities, Jisoo just spend her life chilling. Their eldest daughter when at home is always playing her mobile games. There was also no point on getting on her to study cause she always takes home 100’s. “It’s a good character builder.”


“My character is just fine as it is.”


“So, how’s my working girl?”


“Mom!” Chaeyoung squeals in embarrassment at how cringy her mommy Wendy could get. “I ummm… ahhh… I’m doing okay.”


“Remember, your studies is still your number one priority.”


“I know. Hahaha. So, ummm… for our anniversary, Jennie would like to-”


Chaeyoung stopped midway when she saw how her moms expression changed. Her mama Irene’s face always look like she’s ready for the kill and after all these years, her mommy Wendy is beginning to have that same expression too. Only her Jisoo unnie have that amused look on her face.


“Invite me over at their home for dinner and maybe a movie.”


“Ummmm,” Her moms exchanged looks, wondering who will ask the fated question. “Is your Aunt Seulgi going to be there?”


“Ummmm… yes?”


Her moms are doing that mental conversation again. An entire conversation about their daughter with just a few known gazes.


“Ummm sure, why not?” Her mama Irene answered a little too chill than what Chaeyoung expected that it somehow worried her even more. “Well, if your aunt Seulgi is going to be there then I don’t see why not."


“Really?!” Chaeyoung’s whole face just light up, cheeks getting even squishier while hands are clasps in complete joy.


“Yes. But I’m going to talk to Seulgi just to make sure.”


“Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you! Thank you mom, mama.”


From the way Chaeyoung is squealing you would think she hit the lottery. Of course, Jisoo just added a little gasoline to the fire.


“I wonder why she’s so excited.”




“Do you know what’s up with your sister these days?”


It’s about time that Jennie finally let it out. They have been walking aimlessly around the mall and instead of the usual stop at every shop like the fashionista Jennie is, they were just window shopping. What's worse is that it's not just window shopping, it's just a ton of walking that it’s making Jisoo’s feet feel like they’re bout to fall off.


“Ummm… why would you ask that?”


“She has been doing a lot of “errands” lately.” Jennie made sure to emphasize the word “errands.” And at night she passed out before we can even talk.”


To this question, Jisoo just shrugs and says, “I don’t know. Maybe she’s cheating on you.”


“YAH!” Jennie’s voice reached a higher pitch that even the unflappable Jisoo was shock. “Do you want to die?”


“No. It’s nice of you to ask though.”


“B-but,” Jennie had that rare worried look on her face that even got Jisoo sighing heavily. “She’s not like ummm-”


“Dude,” Jisoo cups her bestfriends shoulders before giving it a hard shake enough for Jennie’s soul to escape her body. “You’re dating my sister, you know how she is. She’s already planning your wedding right now. Of course not. I’m just preparing you for the worse. Either she’s cheating or wait… she’s an .”


“What the , dude? You’re talking bout your sister.”


“What? She got that innocent vibe, you know? I mean kawaii on the streets, senpai on the shee-”


“Shut up.”


“I will if you feed me." Jisoo bobs her brows greasily. "Hungry?”




“A maid café, really?”


Jennie asked as they stood outside of the obscenely decorated maid café. She thought she would have been use to Jisoo’s quirky taste by now, a month ago she’s all about the bongo cat and now she’s into maid cafes.


“What? The girls are cute.” Jisoo reasons out but Jennie could already tell that there is something behind that smile. “You like girls.”


“Don’t you?”


To which Jisoo just shrugs. “I prefer dogs.”


“My girlfriend is cuter.”


Her girlfriend who is MIA for a couple of days already.


“I don’t know… I saw a chowchow video and I would definitely trade Chaeyoung for one of those fluffy teddy bears.”


“Jisoo, you know were just pretty much paying for the ambiance. Their food is probably here.”


“But everything is so cute here,” Jisoo pouted to which Jennie just answers with an eyeroll. “They make Catsup art.”


“If you want cute, we could have went to the dog café.”


“Pleaseeeee,” Jisoo clutches her chest at the impending heartache. “You know my mama won’t let me get a dog. Do you just want me to die with a broken heart?”




“Ohaiyo!!!!” A skinny beauty with the loudest vocals greeted them. “Welcome to What the fud-“


Lisa who almost look cute in her maid outfit for a few seconds, returned to her comical version as her eyes grew the size of dinner plates as she saw the two.


“U-unnie… what are you two doing here?”


“Is that what you say to paying customers?”


“W-well no,” Lisa’s eyes then went straight up, warning her bestfriend who just came out from the kitchen in her full maid outfit. When Chaeyoung saw who was sitting on the café, she immediately backpedaled her way back inside.


Lisa’s facial expression was enough for Jennie to turn back to where she is facing.


“I just want to cheer up my buddy here,” Jisoo smacks Jennie on her shoulder. “She has been missing her girlfriend, you know your bestfriend, Chaeyoung?”


“Ch-chaeyoung?" Lisa blinks curiously. "Who dat?”


“Really?” Jennie looks like she’s about to use the chopsticks for something else.




“Oh mom, mama. What. A. Coincidence?”


Her moms took longer to reply as they are trying to understand what they just walk themselves into. Like they’re walking into one of those anime sets that Jisoo is so into.


“Where are we, Wen?”


“Well… This is where Chaeyoung said she’s working.”


“W-wait?” Jennie looked like she got slap in the face. “Chaeyoung is working? Here?”




And just like on cue…


The prettiest maid of them all got shove out of the kitchen all in front of the entire dinner time crowd.






Wendy and Irene could only stare at their baby, who looks more like a baby girl than anything else in that maid outfit.


“W-what are you wearing?”


“Ummm… ahhh?” Chaeyoung started to stammer, turning to Jennie then her parents, her parents then Jennie, then back again). “My uniform?”


“Oh my God, Chaeyoung.”


“Mom it’s okay,” Chaeyoung raised her arms in surrender, watching as her mom looks like she’s about to cry, while her mama Irene is massaging her temples from the impending headache. “It’s okay really.”


“You said you are working at a café.”


“Well, it is a café.” Chaeyoung defended. “Ummm… a maid café?”


"Moms," Jisoo stepped in. "I think you guys are overreacting, just look at our baby princess. So moe moe kyun."


"I don't even know that means." 


“Do you know about this, Jen?”


“Ummm… what?”


While Jennie, poor Jennie don’t even know how to react.


Good thing, Jisoo is there for her.


“Why stick to Netflix and chill, when you could go with senpai?”


“Please hush.”






Finally one of them spoke. Her moms were surprisingly sympathetic to them, letting her walk home with Jennie instead of riding back with them. But this walk was just hella awkward with them choking in uncomfortable silence for around 10 minutes now.


For Jennie it was a whole different issue. Issues that she wished she didn’t have to deal so early in their relationship. She knew her girlfriend was gorgeous, in like a Disney princess kind of way but today when she sees her in that outfit, it drive thoughts in Jennie’s head that she didn’t knew she had.




“Are you- are you mad at me?” Chaeyoung pouts and Jennie is reminded again of how Disney-ish her girlfriend is.


“For what?”


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it.”


Chaeyoung says regretfully that it scared Jennie that she’s about to have a mental breakdown right there in the middle of the busy crowded street.


“No, no,no, it’s okay. It’s okay.”


“I just… I ummm… I just needed the money.”


“What?” As far as Jennie knows, Chaeyoung’s fam is loaded, not just because her Aunt Wendy has a high paying job but also because her Aunt Irene has a military approach to handling money. That’s why even if they make more than some of their haughty schoolmates in their private school, Chaeyoung and Jisoo never act like spoiled brats.


There is no way in hell that they’re going broke for Chaeyoung to have to end up working.


“What do you need it for?”


“I ummm… I well… I want to buy you a real nice gift for our 100th day anniversary.”


“Chaeng,” Jennie says softly, cupping her girlfriend’s face. A smile instantly gracing her lips at the sight of the adorable pout. “You know you could give me a stick from the ground and I would love it.”


“A stick?” Chaeyoung’s jaw drop, clearly appalled at the idea “I will never give you one.”


“I know you won’t, dork.” Jennie giggles before brushing their noses together. “I’m just saying, if it’s from you, I would love it.”




“Of course,” Jennie reassures those pouting lips with a kiss.


“But I heard that Mina sunbae-“


“Ehhhh… If I want to keep getting great gifts then I’ll stay with her, she’s awesome and all. But if I want to be with the one I’m crazy about then she’s standing right here in front of me.”


“So cheesy,” Chaeyoung responded but not without giving Jennie a soft nudge on the shoulder.


“Only for you. Now you know what I’m in the mood for?”


“Hmmm? What?”


Jennie intertwined her fingers with the girl she loves before giving her that rare gummy smile.


“Ice cream.”




The dinner is next update. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter...



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