Hit you with that...

You Better Know

“So, wait… you spend how much again for that cleaning book?”


Irene felt a vein about to burst out from her temple. Come to think of it, after being married with Son Seungwan for most of her lifetime, she’s surprised that she hasn’t spontaneously combust just yet.


It was a Thursday night and Irene came out of the shower and found her wife surrounded by around 4 books (why? It’s not as if she could read them all at one night) with that eager smile on her pretty face. Irene doesn’t really have any issue with Wendy buying books, it was probably the one thing that Irene is willing to splurge on being a huge bookworm herself.


She snuggled next to her wife, ready to discover what has gotten her wife smiling so much until she saw the title.


Did her wife just bought four kinds of how to clean books?


“It’s not cleaning, babe, it’s organizing.”


Irene could only visibly gasp at the audacity of her wife.


“So, listen to this…Konmari is a philosophy.” Wendy adjusted her glasses while scooting closer, unaware of the dangers of being near her fuming wife. “Konmari… which is short for Marie Kondo, Konmari method is a state of mind. Basically, it says to cherish the things that sparks joy and throw away the things that no longer spark joy.”


Their bedroom was filled with stillness, and Wendy couldn’t have been more proud that her wife has finally opened her eyes to the way of life which is Konmari.


“Wow, Son Seungwan… wow…”


Oh no, she called her Son Seungwan, to this Wendy could only gulp a huge lump of fear in . It’s not often that she ever uses her full name, just like their kids, Irene only breaks her full name when she’s in trouble or trying to get attention because she’s about to get in trouble.


She remembers the first time, she heard Son Seungwan. They were still dating then and she (typical Son Seungwan with ton of things in her mind) forgot about meeting her. That didn’t too well, all Irene need to do was say Son Seungwan and she knows, Wendy perfectly knows that she’s in trouble.


Fast forward to right now, that they are married with teenage kids, but nothing change Bae Joohyun still knows how to strike fear in Wendy.


“What? What is it?”


“I have been telling you that since we have been dating, but this Marie Kondo girl says it and you listen to her over your wife, partner and mother of your children for over 20 years?”


“W-well you say it differently though…”


“Oh yeah? How do I say it?”


This was a trick question, whatever answer she comes out with her wife would surely poke holes on it. But Wendy is Wendy for a reason so why not dig herself deeper in a hole and just bury herself in it?


“You say, stop hoarding things, Wen… while Marie Kondo make you think when you hold something and ask yourself does this Spark Joy?”


“You’re sparking my anger right now, Son Seungwan.”


“Sweetheart, you should try and give it a read maybe-“


“What? Is she that pretty?” Irene cuts her off.


“What?” Wendy’s voice hit a high pitch tone at the absurdity of her wife’s question. “That has nothing to do with it.”


But clearly her wife has hearing problems.


“Ohhh… so she is pretty.”


“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world, Irene.”


That wasn’t enough to convince her wife.


“I want to see how this Marie Kondo look like.”


“Okay, now you’re just being ridiculous…”




The bickering wives instantly turned their motherly mode on at the sound of their precious baby princess screaming. Both women turned to each other in a worried gasps before turning their fight mode on. When it comes to being mothers, the flight mode is not even an option.




“Chaeyoung! What’s wrong?”


Their seventeen year old doesn’t look like she’s in trouble, in fact, she looks happy. So, so, so happy. Those cheeks all bubbled up and that smile couldn’t be any bigger.


“LISAWONTICKETSTOBLACKPINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Chaeyoung squeals with all her might, that it was almost impressive how she was able to speak out.


“She clearly came out from you.” Irene mumbles to Wendy’s ear, earning a forced grin out of Wendy.


“Calm down, sweetheart. Calm down…” Wendy tries to get her daughter to chill down. “Take deep breaths. “Now, what is it again?”


“I WON TICKETS TO BLACKPINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Wendy and Irene almost had a heart attack when Lisa pops out from their daughter’s room.


“L-Lisa how did you-“ Wendy turns to her wife. “I thought we our security system?”


“It’s Lisa… we should have been used to it.”












Jisoo just looks at the two jumping around and shakes her head, realizing her game was much more important.


“So, ummm… congratulations?”


“Thank you! Thank you…” Chaeyoung managed to croak out as she is clearly trembling in joy, before those brown eyes are starting to glisten with tears. “I’m… I’m… I’m just so happy.”


Both her moms exchanged confused looks wasn’t their youngest just giving Tigger a run for his money with all her jumping around? What on Earth happen that she’s crying right now?


“Oh my gosh… I have to tell Jennie!” Their daughter squealed once again, clearly riding in the rollercoaster of emotions while typing like hell on her phone.


“She’s so happy to see her crushhhh…” Jisoo teased in a singsong tone, Wendy has to admit their eldest daughter can clearly carry a tune.


“No. Stop it.” Chaeyoung’s pout ain’t scaring anybody.


Wendy and Irene doesn’t have to ask who this “crush” is. The thing with their youngest is, she loves her idols like she loves her food. Of course food always comes first, but her idol biases comes really close. And when Chaeyoung loves, she loves with all she got.


They could remember that fateful day, Chaeyoung storming into their home in tears before locking herself in her room. Both moms were ready to throw a fight to whoever cause their daughter’s tears until Jisoo spilled the beans about who was the robber that stole their daughter’s heart and pawned it away.


From then on, she was called she shall not be named member of Blackpink.


“Ohhhh… is that the same one who dated the –“


“Stop…” Chaeyoung’s whine isn’t going to make anyone stop. “They’re not dating anymore.”


“Okay, okay sweetheart.”


Wendy and Irene pursed their lips, trying to stop themselves from laughing.


“I’m happy with Jennie now.”


Her entire family just nods, forever will be there to support whoever Chaeyoung decide to go solo with.




“Okay, we’re here…” Seulgi announces gleefully as they park outside of the Bae-Sons house Mcmansion. “Text me when you get there but don’t forget to have fun!”


Her teenage daughter doesn’t seem to share her enthusiasm, only mumbling something inaudible before unstrapping herself.


“I will.”


“And you’re spending it with Chaeyoung so that will be fun.”


That fact seems to finally spark something making Jennie smile.


“Yes… it would be. I’ll see you later, mom.”


“Tell me all about it, I love you!”


Jennie turns back around and shoot finger hearts at her mom.


“Okay, mom, bye!

“Bye baby…”


“Bye… you can go now.”


“No, It’s okay, I’ll wait here until you get inside the house.”


Jennie let out a groan, making her mom smile in amusement.


“I’ll be okay. Go mom…”


“It’s okay, Jen. Go inside the house.”




“Fine, bye my teddy.”


Her daughter’s lips finally crack that rare gummy smile at the nickname.


“Bye, my mommy.”


Jennie finally conceded before walking to her girlfriend’s house. Seulgi’s smile slowly fading as Jennie walks further and further away. It had always surprise her why Jennie never fell in love with dancing the way she did. Her daughter, (not to brag) was a talented performer, and she possessed something that no years of training will ever teach.




The gift to own the stage, to simply just stand there and have every gaze on the room just hypnotize on you. Seulgi had seen it first hand when Jennie performs on talent shows, but it wasn’t just her who notice Kpop agencies who secretly watches these shows have seen it too and Seulgi couldn’t count how many agents have spoken to her about having Jennie audition for their company.


But Seulgi would never force that hand on her love. Jennie just seems to dance because she has to, not because she wants to. In a way, a part of Seulgi felt relieved, she had seen so many dreams crashed and burned, basically left with nothing. That’s the last thing she will ever want for her darling.




The sound of her bestfriend’s voice startled Seulgi out of her thoughts.


“Oh Wen, hey!” Seulgi smiles back at her bff who was perched outside her car window.

“Hey! You want to come in? The girls are just eating brunch before we head out.”


“Oh no, no. I ummm… Eunae’s off today thank God. So, I… you know.”


Seulgi didn’t have to finish what she was about to say, judging on the bob of Wendy’s brows, Wendy already know what she was thinking about.


“Teaching kindergarten and college are two different things, huh?”


The almond eyed beauty just slumps on her driver seat, nodding her head in agreement.


“Tell me about it. Me and Jennie left and she was still asleep.”


“Alright… I’ll let you go then. Here,” Wendy hands Seulgi a bottle of water. “Can’t let my Goddaughter be thirsty.


“Thank you. Take care of my baby, okay?”


Wendy smiles back, “Always.”




“Okay, so when you guys are there, remember to always stick together. Don’t talk to strangers and don’t buy those fake things on the side, do you hear me?”


Wendy wasted a lungful of breath as nothing was registering on the three giddy teenagers on her backseat. The entire ride to the arena was filled with endless babbles that Wendy and her wife clearly couldn’t make sense of.


But then, Wendy glances at her side and smiles back as she sees the smile playing on her wife’s lips. And she didn’t need to ask what was making her smile like that, seeing their girls all light up, conversations going million words per minute was enough to make their hearts burst.


“Wow… the thirst is real.”


And Wendy couldn’t agree more at what her eldest said. What was usually a ten minute drive on a smooth day was now clocking in closer to 45 minutes.


“I thought the concert is at six,” Irene wondered as she sees all these fans coming out of the woodwork. “It’s not even 2 pm yet.”


“Well, there’s a lot of other activities going around the arena before the concert starts.”


“Okay,” Wendy grits her teeth at the heat. “You guys put on your sunblock, right? Make sure to apply it every 3 hours.”


“Mom, the stadium is over there maybe we could just walk there?” Her youngest asked hopefully.


She and her wife look at each other warily before deciding that it should be pretty safe.


“Yeah. I think that’s a better idea. Alright!” Wendy claps excitedly. “You have your backpack, Chaeng? You have your water, and facial mist and sunblock-“


“Yes mom, I do…” she mumbles softly, a blush dusting her cheeks as she sees her girlfriend smiling at her.



“Alright You girls have fun!”


“Ahem…” Jisoo purposely cough out loud and it doesn’t take a genius what their daughter is trying to hint.


“Okay have fun!”


“AHEM! AHEM! AHEM! AHEM! AHEM! AHEM!” The coughing fit got worse.


“Fine…” Wendy reaches out for her 100 dollar bill, when her wife held a tight grip around her wrist.


“You have a twenty.”


“What?!” Jisoo complained from the backseat. “Mom, twenty dollars? Times are different now.”


“The concert experience is going to be priceless, Jisoo.”




“Have fun, darling.”


“Watch your sister, Jisoo.” Irene said in warning, before casting another look at Jennie.


“There’s a fee for that.”


“Bye mom! Mama! See you later…” Chaeyoung says so sweetly.


“See you later, boy, see you later… later…”


Lisa and Jisoo started dancing on the side of the road, Irene raising her car window. Chaeyoung and Jennie stood awkwardly next to each other, both of them waited and waited…


Damn this traffic...


But as soon as her parents’ car took a turn the corner, Jennie and Chaeyoung automatically find each other’s hands, both exchanging a sweet smile while they walk behind the two dancing doofus.




Just when Jennie thought that Lisa and Chaeyoung were the biggest fans alive, clearly she was wrong. They hadn’t even stepped down from her Aunt Wendy’s SUV but the entire place has already been electrifying, throngs of fans in either black or pink comes out from every corner, carrying posters, carrying black and pink hammers.


Ignoring the effects of global warming and still so bright eyed and babbling in excitement at the thought of seeing their idols right in front of them.


Chaeyoung and Lisa are both over the moon in pure exhilaration, but all Jennie could really focus on was Chaeyoung’s arms wrapped around her arm.




Lisa shoves her phone in her bestfriend’s hands, Chaeyoung turning to Jennie in a silent permission to let go before Jennie just answers her with a smile. Soon, the two are running haphazardly around the quadrangle, trying to get pictures with every blackpink standee, stage, car, dog, mouse… all the blackpink things.


She had never really bought into the fascination of kpop idols. She had a few phases when she was around twelve, but when she got into her teens, when her emotions wasn’t so easily swayed by catchy beats and pretty girls dancing on stage anymore, her entire heart changed.


It was something Jennie never revealed to anyone. Growing up and even until now, she would watch a music or a dance video with her mom. And it’s like watching her sweet mom switched persona in that very moment. Jennie sees the way her mom focuses on the dance. The way her gaze dissects every move, breaking down footwork, counting every beat.


And as she watches her mom, a pang of jealousy would grip her heart, squeezing the life out of it as the question would plague inside her mind, Does her mom regret giving this life to have her?


Her mom is the kindest person in the world, and she never fails to reassure her both in words and in actions that she’s the biggest love of her life. But still... somewhere in the back of her mom’s brain, she might still wish that, right?


She and her mom had never ever talked about it. It was a question that Jennie was so afraid to ask even though she knows the answer to it. Because what if, what if for a split second before her mom says her answer, that she will saw a hesitation in her mom’s eyes? That the answer has always been yes, it just that, her mom had convinced herself over and over again that somehow the lie had become the truth?


Jennie thinks her heart could never take it if that ever happens.




Her girlfriend’s sweet voice pulled her out of her misery.


“Oh yeah?”


“Sorry bout that…” Chaeyoung asked, brows furrowed in worry while she wipes away the bead of sweat in Jennie’s forehead.


“What? No… no… you got your pictures?” Jennie smiles back, the restlessness starting to fleet away and she’s thankful that she has the girl she loves, to keep her heart grounded.


Chaeyoung’s cheeks bubbled as she nods her head excitedly.


“Wait… are those who I think it is?”


The four girls turned and sees the two figures that they often see in both reality and in their nightmares, but this time they’re all decked out in the blinkest outfits ever known in Blink history. With their headbands, and shirts and lightsticks and posters, hoeing surely doesn’t know age.


“Aunt Yeri! Aunt Joy!”


But Chaeyoung’s cutiepie voice didn’t seem to register a response from the two.


It was Lisa’s turn to call out for the two, turning on her built in megaphone before yelling,




No response.


“I don’t want too…” Was Jennie’s answer.


Now it was time for Jisoo to work her magic.




Jisoo screamed her lungs out in front of the billion young blinks, the two “more mature” fans instantly froze in their tracks.




The name clearly sent a shiver down Joy’s spine.


“Get your niece before I beat her to death with this lightstick.” Joy hissed warningly between clenched teeth.


“That’s okay, I still have Chaeyoung.”




“Give me your lightstick unnie, I’ll beat her up myself.”


The four girls soon made their way towards them.


“What you guys doing here?”


“Duh… to stand in the heat what else?”


“What? Me too!” Lisa said excitedly. “And to watch the concert.”


“Stop talking to these poor blinks, Unnie.” Yeri whispered loudly, earning the scathing look from Jennie.


“Are they even Blinks?” Joy whispered loud enough for their nieces to hear. “They can’t even afford a lightstick.”


“I brought a real hammer!” Lisa defended her Blink Status.


“So, where are you guys at?”


“Blink zone… Are you guys in the red zone?”


“Ummm no…”


“The other zone?”


“Ummm nope.”


“So, you guys are in the poor zone?”


“I refused to call it poor zone,” Jisoo defended her status. “It’s broke high school student zone.”


“Here is my advice to the four of you…” Yeri leans closer, ready to impart her wisdom to these young hopeless fans. “Go to youtube…”




“Put blackpink in your area in the search engine and just watch it from there, cause clearly you won’t see anything from where the four of you are sitting.”


Damn Aunt Yeri is too real with her tough love.


“I know… let’s just say, someone riding on an airplane has a better view than where you guys are.”


“Look, we were once broke students too.” Joy joins in “And we were big fans of SNSD then. But, we always, always end up by the stage during concerts.”


The young Blink Padawans exchanged wondering looks. Do they really want to know what their aunts did to get better tickets? Will knowing these facts about their aunts and probably their moms past shenanigans cause them nightmares?


“What did you do?” Jisoo asked anyway.


“We put on our thickest face possible and join every goddamn contest.”


“But… isn’t that embarrassing?”


“Chaeyoung by the end of the night, all I could remember was Yoonyul doing their fanservice in front of me. So, don’t worry about it and just… go for it. Because in the end, no one cares about what you did and all everyone is going to care about is that concert.”


“Chaennie could happen in front of me.” Lisa says longingly…


“Who’s Chaennie?” Jennie asked, clearly a noob to the blackpink ships.


“Just the best ship ever- WHOAH! You and Chaeyoung could be Chaennie too…”


“Okay… you poor kids, do your thing. We’re going to chill.”


“Signs of menopause.” Jisoo whispered, just loud enough to hear and to punched to the guts of the “mature” Blinks.


“Shut up.”








“The girls are going to be out for pretty much the entire day, I was planning to-“


“Let’s clean the house.”


Wendy could only blink in confusion, she had already had their entire Saturday planned out and it didn’t include cleaning. “Not that… but… ummm… okay.”


“You’re so into this Konmari method then maybe we should go clean the house.”


Wendy could feel a vein in her temple about to burst. Come to think of it, after being married to Bae Joohyun for almost her entire life, she’s surprised she hadn’t suffered a cardiac arrest yet.


Her wife is just the freaking definition of competitive. Wendy thought that this would get better as they grow older, somehow it did. But the fire in her wife refuses to die, and when Irene feels someone competing, it’s like the old her comes back to life, ready to set her competition to flames.


What is her wife going to do? Is she going to turn into the Korean Martha Stewart just to beat out Marie Kondo?


But Wendy knows the solution to this…


“You know what? Sure.”


And that is to surrender.




“Oh my God, one lightstick is worth my kidney.” Lisa moaned in desperation as she sees the price list at the merchandise area.


“Well, you only need one.” Jisoo said as a matter of factly.




“One Kidney… now let’s sell that other kidney right now, put it in Amazon.”


“W-w-w-w-what? What are you doing?!”

Jennie ignored the two bickering idiots and instead focus her attention on the cutest Blink ever, with those mournful brown eyes looking longingly at pink krunk looking grumpily back at her. But it doesn’t matter if the cute teddy bear has her RBF on, Chaeyoung is in love and wants that bear.


“Unnie… look at how cute pink Krunk is…” Chaeyoung begs her older sister who was still wrestling with Lisa.


“You already have a real life grumpy teddy bear,” Jisoo tilts her head over to her bestfriend “Just paint her pink.”


The real life grumpy teddy bear just looked more grumpier.


“Unnie, please…”


“Chaeyoung, you can buy ten buckets of pink paint with one pink krunk.”


“I’m not going to paint Jennie.”


“Fine.” Jisoo raised her arms in surrender. “Me and Lisa will do it.”


“Unnie please…”


“Chaeyoung,” Jisoo plops her hands on her sister’s slump shoulders. “My dear little sister Chaeyoung.” Jisoo said once again, ready to teach Chaeyoung real life skill values.


“Do you see everyone here?”




“All of them wants a piece of Blackpink but do you think we can survive the war against these hoes on an empty stomach?”




“The answer is no.” Jisoo cut through all the BS and went straight for the jugular. “We can’t, so the money that mom gave us is going to our dinner not to that teddy bear. Unless you want us to eat that teddy bear for dinner.”


“OF COURSE NOT!” Chaeyoung squealed in disbelief that her sister would even consider chewing on the cutie Pink Krunk. “B-but-“


“Eh!” Jisoo cuts her off before she could say anything.




“Eh!” Jisoo cuts her once again.




“Eh!” And again…


Chaeyoung just slumps back down in defeat, knowing her unnie does have a point. If there’s one thing that didn’t change since they were kids, it’s that her Jisoo unnie always win. Always.


But Chaeyoung was so caught up in her feels, that she forgot that she has someone now, who’s willing to go through hell and back just to make her happy.


“I’m just going to the restroom.”




‘Aunt Joy…”


Jennie spots her aunts right away inside the cooling tent, sitting comfortably in those cushy chairs while sipping on some what she assumes were Margarita. While she and her friends are feeling the effect of global warming outside.


“Oh, look who is here? It’s lovergirl…”


Jennie knew this was going to be a bad idea, but she just had to it up right now. Go, straight to the point and leave.


“I need to ummm… I need to… if I could ummm borrowsomemoney?”




The two clearly heard what she said, but just like always, just wanted to see her suffer.


“Did I hear it right?”


“I think I did… she is asking for money.”


“Oh… oh,… oh.”


Big mistake, really, really big mistake.


“What did you say, Jen?”


“Can I… Can I… Can I… ummm…” Say it, Jen, say it… do it for her, do it for her, do it for her… “Can I borrow some money?”




“Can you say it one more time? and this time you have to say it in front of the camera.”




“No money, no honey.”


“Okay, okay…” Jennie finally slumps down in surrender. “Aunt Joy can you-“


“Oh no no no… something is missing?”


“What” what do you mean something is missing?”


“It doesn’t feel like you want it enough.”


“I want it… It’s for Chaeyoung, isn’t Chaeyoung your favorite niece?”


Joy and Yeri both shrugs, “She could be…”


Then, Yeri’s eyes brightened up as the lightbulb in her head goes ding. Jennie could already felt her life dwindling away.


“I know, I know unnie… you know how when they’re kids, when we ask them to dance, the three are like they’re high but Jennie never dances.”


“Oh my God…”


Jennie is seriously thinking of just ordering that damn bear online, anything is better than this.


“You want the money or not?”

“I don- I… Fine!”




“Hi… are you okay?” Chaeyoung says worriedly as she sees Jennie walking back over to the picnic area with that extra stress look on her face.


“Yeah… yeah… I’m okay.” Jennie waves her off, just wanting to forget the emotional trauma she suffered a few minutes ago. She presses a kiss on her girlfriend’s hair before sliding in the spot next to her.


“You ate something bad?” Jisoo asked with a scrunched of her face.


“Shut up.”


“Ummmm do you want to go walk around?”


All Jennie really wants to do right now is sit, especially after what her aunts just put her through. But it’s Chaeyoung when can she ever say no to Chaeyoung?




“Unnie, we will be back…” Chaeyoung links their fingers together and pulls Jennie out of her seat.


“Alright! Stay protected, kids!”




“Thank you so much for doing this.”


“Oh. I don’t mind.” Jennie’s gummy smile finally returned, earning a kiss from the beautiful girl right next to her. Chaeyoung’s cheeks turned a cute pink after they pulled away before burrowing herself in Jennie’s shoulder.


“Is your backpack too heavy?”


“What? No… unnie and Lisa already finished all the water.”


“Okay… if it gets too heavy tell me.”


“You’ll carry it for me?”


“No… We will just stop walking.”


Chaeyoung gave her girlfriend a light shove and a pout.


“Can you believe this? All these people coming here, just to see four girls perform?”


“It’s… it’s… it’s crazy.”


“Do you ever want a life like this, Chaeng?”


“Hmmm… Well, no. I mean… I love singing but I don’t think I have the heart to be an idol. And besides, I love food too much.”


Trust her girlfriend to just turn this damning day around to possibly one of the best.


“How about you?”




“Yeah… I mean… whenever I see you perform, whenever anyone sees you perform you just… you just blow people away. You’re… you’re…” Chaeyoung pouts thoughtfully as she struggles for the right word to describe her girlfriend. “You’re… you’re… you’re breathtaking, Jen.”


“I don’t have the heart for it either.”


“It’s okay.” Chaeyoung flashes her that sweet, sweet Chaeyoung smile. The smile that never judges, the smile that always filled with reassurance, a smile that is filled with an entire world of happy expression. A smile that is so Chaeyoung. “Whatever you decide to do, I’ll be your number one fan.”


Jennie just felt herself falling in love again…


“GUYS! GUYS GUYS! GUYS! GUYS!” Lisa burst out of nowhere because she’s Lisa. “So, they are having this contest right now!” Lisa started jumping in excitement. “We can move into the Blink zone!”


“Oh Wow! So, what do we need to do?”


“So, we need to dance?”


Soon, Jennie felt all three pairs of eyes on her.




“You’re the daughter of Kang Seulgi.”


“Lisa can dance too…” She argued back.


“Well, both of you are going to dance.” Jisoo suggested. “If we want to win, we have to put our eggs in different baskets.”


“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want too.” Chaeyoung tells her girlfriend.


“Oh yes she does.”


“No, she doesn’t.” Chaeyoung huffs.


This is not going like she planned it too, Jisoo needs to try a different method.


“Yeah, it’s probably better.” Jisoo whispers sneakily in Jennie’s ears. “Chaeyoung might be disappointed…”


“And why would she be disappointed?”


“I mean if she sees you dance and she compares it to the original Solo, she’ll be like meehhh… my girlfriend is okay.”


Don’t fall for it, don’t fall for it, don’t fall for it, Jen.


“The Real Jennie is much better…”


Ahhhh it…


“C’mon Lis,” Jennie grabs the lanky girl by her collar and starts dragging her across the crowd.




Their home got worse than when they first started this “organizing”.


It felt like it got hit by a hurricane, as Wendy and Irene starts to unearth stuff they didn’t know they had. From the cupboards, to the cabinets, the boxes underneath their beds. They had things so many things that they couldn’t figure out if it was sparking their joys anymore.


“Babe, how about this iron-“


Wendy was momentarily stunned as she walks back in their living room and there on the couch, is her wife with that wistful smile on her face as she browses through a photo album. She didn’t even have to ask who is in there, there is only three people in the world who could make Bae Irene smile like that.


“Look at this, Wen.”


Wendy sits down next to her, her heart instantly bursting in the seams as she looks at their young family picture.


“Oh my gosh… look at the two.”


Jisoo was around two then but was already a beauty and Chaeyoung, oh Chaeyoung just so cute at one year old.


“So much better than swiping pictures on the phone, huh?”


“Yup.” Irene says wistfully, her smile couldn’t get any softer.


“So, does this spark joy or not?”


Irene turns back to Wendy who was looking at her with mischief written all over her face. She instantly clap back a reply, “It spark a lot of things.”






The moment Jennie and Lisa hit the stage, it was pretty much game over for everyone else. Lisa, might act like a puppy on red bull but when she dances, she truly dances. Anyone who sees her might expect that she dances like an uncoordinated jumble of limbs, but boy, are they wrong.


Then, there is Jennie…


The moment she stood there, the other competitors just throw in their blackpink towels ready to call it over.


But it turn out getting into the Blink Zone was much harder than they anticipated. The four were more softer than they thought and ends up getting shoved and shoved until they were all the way in the back, behind screaming fangirls. By the end of the night, they would surely suffer a stiff neck.




The four turns and sees their aunts, with their Aunt Joy holding on to her back and their Aunt Yeri have one arm s around Joy’s back and one arm shoving grumbling young Blinks out of the way.


Joy gives a look to the girls, urging them to come with them and just like Moses, the sea of fangirls parted for the “pregnant” lady and her family.


“Aunt Joy…” Chaeyoung whispers. “I didn’t know you are pregnant.”


“ that… of course not.” Joy whispered warningly, making sure nobody hears.


“Chaeng,” Jisoo shakes her head at the innocence of her sister. “Women over 50 have a hard time having babies.”


“Do you want me to kick you back to your red zone or not?”


“I love you my future cousins…” Jisoo pats her aunt’s flat stomach.


“Yup. So just enjoy the concert.”


Chaeyoung’s smile was so bright, it could light up the entire stadium. “I will. Thank you.”


Joy glances at Jennie whose arms are wrapped around Chaeyoung’s slim waist, giving her niece a knowing look that got those cheeks blushing a bright red before turning away.


Jennie was glad for the interruption when the entire stadium dimmed and the energy in the whole arena was so electric she could feel shivers shooting down her spine, screams so deafening as the four Goddesses slowly rise up in the stage, ready to hit you with that….








“Did you have fun?”


“I ummm… I did I actually did.”


Chaeyoung nuzzles into Jennie’s shoulders, glad for this little time together while waiting for their Aunts take out dinner. Even her unnie and Lisa was being extra nice for once as she decide to hunt the mall down for some Boba, leaving her and Jennie waiting by the mall’s square.


“So, do you have a bias now?”


“Other than you?” Jennie asked.


Chaeyoung rolls her eyes at Jennie’s attempt of flirting, yet couldn’t deny the smile on her face.


“The Australian girl is incredibly hot. Those legs, wow…”




“And that accent when she talks, unbelievable like I could listen to it all day.”


“Well, I guess.”


“And when she dances, it’s like I can’t look at anybody else but her.”


“Okay, okay- I get it you really like her.” Chaeyoung finally puts an end to all this fangirling, making Jennie laugh and tug on her closer.


“I’ll still choose you over her anytime though.”


“Sure you do.” Her cute girlfriend only looks cuter as she mumbles and pouts.


“Come here…”


Before Chaeyoung could even react, Jennie had already pulled her closer, pressing kiss after kiss on her cheek. This was the Jennie that she knows, the Jennie that no one seems to have an idea about. Soft, super sweet and unbelievably affectionate.


“I’m sorry you didn’t get your pink Krunk.” Jennie’s apology is muffled on Chaeyoung’s gorgeous brown locks.


“Unnie is right, I have my real pink krunk.”


And thank God for this little bit of privacy, as Jennie just lay kisses and kisses along Chaeyoung’s neck and shoulders.




Jennie mumbles something along the lines of what the duck in Chaeyoung’s crook of her neck.






“Did you brush your teeth?”


“Mom, I did…” Chaeyoung yells from her bedroom.


“How bout your unnie? Jisoo?”


Chaeyoung turns to her sister’s bed, who already put on her acting chops as she feign sleeping.


“She’s asleep.”


“Gosh that girl…”


Chaeyoung could hear her mom, whispered a little too loudly.


“Okay, good night, baby.”


“Good night!” Chaeyoung says before closing their bedroom door, a smile still on her lips as the event of tonight play in her mind like a movie.


“So, you had fun?” Jisoo asked when the coast is clear.


Chaeyoung plops dramatically in her bed, smile still on her lips.


“Yup. One of the best days of my life.” Chaeyoung sighs dreamily before cleaning through her backpack. Her facial wipes and facial mists, body spray, the tickets that she will cherish forever and wait… what’s this?


She pulled out the soft pink teddy from her bag, her heart beating like crazy in her chest as she holds on Pink Krunk.


But as adorable as Pink Krunk is, it was the note tape to the bear’s forehead that got the butterflies in Chaeyoung’s stomach fluttering.


I love you until Pink Krunk smiles.




Once again… thank you so much for the overwhelming response that this fic has. The upvotes, the subscribers and especially the ones who leaves comments. I hope you guys continue to enjoy the story no matter how plotless it is.


And since it’s plotless… please feel free to suggest prompts or storylines for the girls and their moms and aunts. I already read a few good suggestions and I’m ready to write them out.


Thank you and hope you guys enjoy this chapter!



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