I could die in this moment

You Better Know

Home at last…


Wendy pepped herself up after another trying day at work. She pounds her forehead softly against the steering wheel, thinking it should shake away the stress from work. Yup. She gets paid a ton of money, but in return her company demands for her sanity and a few good years of her life.


"Hello, my babies-" She announce herself as soon as she stepped inside their kitchen. "Mommy is hom- Oh…“


It’s taking all of Wendy’s will not to run up to her cutiepie wobbling over to her direction. Not to brag or anything, but she has the cutest baby in the world and she never thought her baby would look any cuter, but she’s wrong. Because there is her three year old with her pretty white dress while pulling along her new Princess Sofia rolling bag.


“Hi there, my cutie.”


“Hello, my mommy.” Her baby greeted her with that fluffy voice and a hug on her legs.


“Are you going somewhere?” Wendy asked while doing her nightly routine in their kitchen, her little baby seemingly an expert at her schedule, trudges along behind her.


“I’m getting maweed!” Chaeyoung squeals excitedly, too excitedly you would think she got fed all the gummies in the world.


“Awwwwwwww… that’s cute.” Wendy gushes, taking a good sip of her drink.


“C’mon, my baby.”


Wendy perks up in amusement as she sees Seulgi’s little girl in a matching white dress pulling along her own rolling bag.


“Awwwwww… that’s cute, are you marrying your Jennie unnie?”


“Yes!” Chaeyoung squeals with all her little might. “She’s going to be my wifey!” She declares before giving Jennie a huge hug, and Jennie giving her future mother in law a scowl.


“Let’s go,” Jennie took one of Chaeyoung’s pudgy hand as they ambled along. “Bye, Aunt Wendy… We will send you the bill.”


“That’s so cute.” These little girls and their fairy tale imaginations are too adorbs. “What would you like for dinner, my princess?”


“Mommy…” Her youngest sighs dramatically. “I don’t eat here anymore, I live with my wifey.”


“No, you don’t.” This game was cute a few minutes ago, now it’s slightly striking her nerve. “You live here with mommy, Mama Irene and your Jisoo unnie.”


“Not anymore.” Baby Jennie said.


“Not anymore.” Baby Chaeyoung agrees with her wife.


“Okay, Chaeyoung that’s enough.” Wendy said, a little more sternly this time. “Go change and I’m going to get your dinner ready.”


Her little baby shakes her head, those cute pouty lips are quivering and pretty brown eyes glistening with tears. Wendy could only take a heaved a huge sigh, before trying to reason out with her baby.


“Chaeyoung, you can’t marry Jennie yet.”


“But why?”


“Because…. Because… you’re still three years old.”


The answer doesn’t seem to please the in love babies.


“But why?”


“You’re too young, baby.”


“But I wuv Jennie unnie.”


“I know you do, but-“


“I’m going to tell my mommy on you.” Jennie who is also in a brink of tears at the thought of being separated from her cute wifey, points a warning finger at her mother in law.


“I’m pretty sure your mommy will agree with me.” Wendy says in pure exhaustion. “You haven’t even graduated Kindergarten yet. Irene…” Wendy sighs a thank God to the Lord, when she sees her wife. Surely her wife (boss) can talk sense into their three year old. “talk to Chaeyoung-”


“Mama…” Chaeyoung almost bulldoze Irene down with her hug as she sobs into her legs.


“What’s wrong my baby?” Irene says with a grunt as she coos at her little girl.


“Mommy.” Sniffle. “Won’t” Sniffle sniffle. “Let me…” Sniffles some more. “Get maweed.”


Wendy shrugs at the ridiculousness of it all, but to her surprise, her wife didn’t share her reaction, scowling at her like she just admitted to having an affair.




“Let them get married, Wen.”


“What? No… I’m not going to let that happen.”


“Mama, says it okay, my baby.” Irene reassured her little girl.


“What?!” Wendy’s voice reached a higher pitch. “Hel- Heck no. you’re staying here, young lady.” Wendy told her pudgy mini me.


“Don’t listen to your mommy, Mama said it’s okay.”


“Irene…” Wendy huffed and puffed angrily. “Don’t do this.”


“Let them, their ride is waiting outside.”


Wendy peeks from the kitchen glass door and sees the Pink Mercedes toy car parked in their backyard.


“I bought that ride!” Wendy was getting angrier and angrier.


“Bye mommy! Wuv You!”


“No! No! Chaeyoung! Chaeyoung!”


But Chaeyoung listened to Selena Gomez instead of her own mommy, since her little heart wants what it wants. And it wants her Jennie unnie.


“Chaeyoung!” Wendy yells for her little girl who is already happily skipping away with her wifey. "Chaeyoung come back here! Son- Bae Chaeyoung! CHAEYOUNG!!!!!!!”




Wendy woke up with a scream that would make the high pitch in RBB sound like a squeak.


“Wen!” Irene almost fell off the bed from her wife’s scream.


“Oh my god, Oh my God…” Wendy clutches her racing heart, trying to remind herself that it’s just a dream. Just a Bad Dream. Just a really bad dream. It’s a really, really bad dream.


“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Irene says worriedly as she sees her wife paler than usual, drenched in cold, hard sweat. “Stay here, let me get you some water.”


“No,no,no… wait…” Wendy bounces out of their bed, quickly than Irene had anticipated while running over to their table grabbing her pen before scribbling all over her notepad.


“What are you-“ but before Irene could ask what she was writing, Wendy had already dashed out of their bedroom, and Irene don’t have to wonder where her wife is heading too.




“Chaeyoung! Chaeyoung! Chaeyoung! Wake up baby…”


Chaeyoung answers with a painful whine just like everyone getting woke up at 2 in the morning. She’s struggling to keep her eyes open as her mom just burst into her room.


“I’m awake, I’m awake,” Chaeyoung answers, while fighting a yawn. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing but something is going to be wrong if I don’t take care of this right now. So, I drafted a list here of the rules with you and Jennie, okay?”


“Okay…” Chaeyoung answers, probably not knowing what she is saying okay too.


“First… Jennie should never go upstairs if me or your mama Irene isn’t home.”


“What if they decide to hump downstairs, though?”


“Jisoo, go to sleep darling.” Wendy waves off her eldest, while Irene is too sleepy to smack Jisoo in her head. “Second… in the event that Jennie is upstairs, the door should always be wide open, are you listening, Chaeng?”








“Third, you cannot go out pass 8 o clock on weekdays and pass 10 on weekends.”


“W-what?” Chaeyoung tries to rub the sleepiness in her eyes. “But my curfew is at 12.”


“Not anymore. Yes or Yes?”


“I ummm…” It’s not like Chaeyoung has other choices. “Yes?”


“And of course, you cannot, I forbid you to get married before you’re 30… or maybe 35.”


“Mom, I’m not going to get married.”


“Better safe than sorry. Now can you sign your name here?”


Chaeyoung narrows her eyes sleepily, squinting at the line at the bottom of the “document” before scribbling her name.


“Can I go back to sleep now?” Chaeyoung pleaded as she succumbing once again to her sleep.


“Sure sweetheart.” Wendy rolls the document before waving it triumphantly at her scowling wife.




“Don’t worry, baby,” Jennie whispered sweetly at the girl sitting next to her. “I got you.”


To be young and in love…


So, in love.


It’s been two weeks and for the two young sweethearts, it’s been nothing but pure bliss. Sure, they’re getting less sleep as they facetime until almost 3 am sometimes and sure they’re probably more broke than the usual high schoolers as they go on impromptu café trips after school (coffee ain’t cheap) but those are just things they could easily brush away.




Lisa pops in just as the waiter was about take their orders.


“I want-“ But Lisa gulped nervously when she sees Jennie’s – “order now and that’s the last meal you’ll eat in your life” stare. “I just want water.”


“We have bottle water, sparkling wat-” The waiter started to list out the different water options but Lisa already know what she wants.


“No… no, no, no… just tap water. I like the chlorine taste.”


Jennie nods her head satisfyingly while her sweet girl has her arms wrapped around her shoulders.


“Ahhhhh…” Jisoo sighs dreamily. “Who needs desserts, when we got something more diabetic inducing right in front of us?”




“OH MY GOD!” Lisa pops in excitedly, eyes sparkling in amazement as she reads her phone message. “CHAEYOUNG! CHAEYOUNG! CHAEYOUNG! OH MY GOD, CHAENG!”


Lisa was shaking so hard that Jennie won’t even be surprise if she drops on the floor of the café and starts foaming in the mouth.


Her excitement is getting her girlfriend looking both confused and excited at the same time.


“W-what? What is it Lisa?”








“I like Adidas more.” Chaeyoung answers thoughtfully.


“Nooooo…. Guess who got tickets to Blackpink?!”


“OH MY GOD!” Chaeyoung calls for the Lord.


“OH MY GOD!” Lisa calls the Lord as well.






Jisoo and Jennie were exchanging confused looks at the two girls who are now earning the bewildered expression from every patron in the café.


“Is it you?!” Chaeyoung asks hopefully, hands clasps in nervous anticipation.




Well, that went downhill real fast, the exhilaration in Chaeyoung’s face dying down just as quick.




“I mean not yet…” Lisa says grinning hopefully. “But I’m hopeful, Chaeng. We will win this Radio contest for the four tickets.”


“Awwwww… my baby sister will finally see her dream girl.”


Chaeyoung stiffened quickly, while glancing uneasily at her girlfriend who just raise her brow suspiciously.


“Jennie is my dream girl.” Chaeyoung defended herself, while giving her girl a side hug.


“Who is your dream girl?” Jennie asked.


“Oh c’mon, just tell Jennie…” Jisoo urged her.


“Yup, Jisoo unnie is right, it’s not like you will ever get a chance with her anyway.”


Chaeyoung frowns at her two haters, her own unnie and her supposedly bestfriend.


“Yeah, I’m curious.” Jennie turns to look back at Chaeyoung. “Who is this dream girl?”


“Ummm…. Ahhhh… I don’t really think dream girl is the right word,” Chaeyoung nervously fidgets around with her napkin, biting her lower lip to keep it from quivering. “I ummmm… I just think she’s pretty that’s all.”


“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Both Jisoo and Lisa teases her mercifully.


“What?” Chaeyoung squeals in defense. “It’s true.”


“Bae-Son Chaeyoung…” Jisoo pats her little sister in the head, shaking her head in the process. “Just admit it, you cried when the scandal of her came out.”


“You thought she was going solo, but she’s dating an Exo.”


“Oh her?” Jennie didn’t look too please at these stories of her girlfriend feeling too many things for her supposedly “rival”. “You think she’s pretty?”


“You’re so much prettier, baby.” Chaeyoung reassures her pouty girlfriend with a nuzzle on her shoulder followed by a kiss on her cheek.


“Lisaaaaa…” Lisa started mock crying, her hand pressed on her ear like a pretend phone. “I’m supposed to be happy for her, but why does it hurt so much?”


Jennie just covers , not knowing whether to laugh or cry at her girlfriend’s devotion to her idol. Chaeyoung on the other hand looks like she’s about to break down into tears from all this merciless bullying.


“I’m happy for her, I am!”


“But you’re much happier now that she’s really going solo.” Jisoo kid sister, with a bob of her brow.


“You thought you have a loveshot with her, Chaeng.”


Chaeyoung just buries her flushed face in her hands, asking the Lord why is she being punished like this? Was she murderous psychopath in her past life? Why Lord? Why?


“I didn’t…”


“Then, he just went and mess up your tempo.” Lisa adds.


The helpless victim could only squeak a weak stop as they continue to make her the clown for the day. But it wasn’t just Chaeyoung who got her feels all up in a twist, unknown to her, her girlfriend is just as bothered.


Kang Jennie is jealous over a Kpop idol and the thought of that is bothering her even more. Since when did she become this petty?


“Oh, she’s single now, maybe you’ll have your chance.” Jennie says in such disdain.


Jisoo and Lisa just exchanged amused looks, at how ridiculous these two are.


“What?” Chaeyoung looks away from her cake and looks incredulously at her girlfriend. Was Jennie playing along with the two or does she actually sound upset?


She looks at Jennie, whose perfect brows are now furrowed furiously, while she shoves her cheesecake around with her fork.


“See Chaeyoung? even Jennie is supportive of you.”


“Don’t worry, my BFF when we get this ticket, you should wear that dress that shows off your legs.”


“And we will make a poster… I can make you Growl too, Ms. Kim.”


“Ooooohhhh nice…”


The two demons highfive, while Jennie looks like she’s ready to commit murder right there.


“You should go marry her then.”


And Chaeyoung, poor, poor, Chaeyoung doesn’t even know how this all went downhill way too quick.








Wendy’s heart instantly broke as she sees her bestfriend’s one year old looking tearfully at her.


“Mommy coming?” Baby Jennie asks tearfully, her little hands pressed on the glass window, wondering why her mommy is taking too long.


It was close to 1 am and the baby didn’t sleep a wink, refusing to go inside the crib and looking mournfully from the bedroom window for her mommy.


Wendy scoops the little baby in her arms, cooing softly as Jennie even at one year old refuses to cry, yet was slowly succumbing to her sadness, missing her mommy way too much. She presses a soft kiss on the pretty baby’s hair, while gently humming.


This was the first time that Seulgi left Jennie for a sleepover, not so she could get away from her darling, or take a break from the stresses of motherhood but to finally get the second chance back into dancing. Before Jennie, Wendy knew the demands of Seulgi’s choreography job, dancing til every muscle hurt, dancing until the wee hours of the night, but yet Seulgi had never looked so happy. This is the world that Seulgi belongs too, and all of them are wishing hard that she will get a second chance.






Irene steps into the nursery, seeing the worried expression on her wife’s face.


“Go to sleep, babe. I got Jennie.”


“How’s- how’s Chaeyoungie?”


Irene smiles hopefully, their youngest is now a healthy chunky baby girl, but there is still that innate fear in Wendy that she could never shook off.


“She’s asleep.” Irene reassures her with a kiss, while taking Jennie in her arms. “Jennie…” Irene whispers softly at the whimpering baby. “You want to go night night, baby?


“Mommy?” Jennie could only whimper back. The little girl is still learning her words, but one word that she knew by heart was mommy. The only word that matters to her, the only word that she needs.


“She’ll be here… Auntie Irene can wait with baby Jennie, is that okay?”


Jennie nods before burrowing herself in Irene’s embrace. Those pretty brown eyes flutters sleepily, as she tries to fight her sleep. Her Auntie Irene’s hums and hugs were comforting but before she falls back asleep, she sits up, her little finger pointing at the window.


“Mommy? Where?”


But before Irene could respond, Wendy’s phone started blaring and she sighs worriedly when she sees the name flashing on her screen.




“I’m sorry to call this late.” Seulgi apologized, still huffing tirelessly from rehearsals. “We’re just having our break. How is Jennie?”


“Ummmm…” Wendy turns to her wife, who is still trying to soothe the baby. Irene tries to signal her wife to just lie. To reassure Seulgi that her baby is okay, so she could focus on her rehearsals.


But they’re both moms now, they’re not the carefree college girls whose lives revolve on either dancing or music. Now there are little angels who thinks the world of them and Wendy didn’t just know but now understands the anxiety that goes along with being a mother. She don’t know if she could ever forgive herself if she let her baby cry for even a second.


“She can’t sleep, Seul.”


“Wait… what?”


Wendy clenches her teeth when she heard both the worry and distress in Seulgi’s voice.


“Why didn’t you call me?”


This was one of the rare times that Wendy ever heard an ire in Seulgi’s voice, and even from the other line she could hear fast footsteps, almost breaking into a sprint.


“I just… I thought she’ll fall asleep but-“


“It’s okay- it’s okay, Wen.” The softness in Seulgi’s voice returned. “I’m on my way.”


“What? Seul, no… Worry about your rehearsals. She’s getting tired, I’m sure she’ll sleep soon.”


“No… no… no, I can’t.”


Wendy swore she could hear Seulgi’s voice quivering as if it’s seconds away from crumbling.


“I’ll be there soon, can I talk to her?”


Wendy turns to her wife and to the sleepy baby in her wife’s arms.


“Hey Jennie…” Wendy whispers to the sniffling little girl. “It’s your mommy.”


Those sad pretty eyes instantly glowed at the name.




“Hi, my baby.”


“Mommy coming?” Jennie asks hopefully.


“Ye- yes. I’m sorry, my teddy bear. I’m sorry.” From the other line, Wendy and Irene could hear Seulgi’s voice quaking at every syllable until she finally succumbing to her tears. “Mommy is coming, okay?”


“Mommy coming.” There’s a reassurance in Jennie’s voice now, knowing the person that she loves the most is on her way.


“Yes, I am. I love you so much…”


“I wuv you…” the baby answers. The little girl is still learning her words but these are the three words she knows by heart.


End of Flashback




A bittersweet smile instantly made its way to Wendy’s lips as the memory drift back into her mind. She placed the picture frame of Seulgi and a baby Jennie back in the mantle.




Wendy smiles back at her bestfriend, a relief to see Seulgi finally getting the happiness she deserves. With a wife so devoted to her, a baby on the way and of course Jennie, always Jennie, who despite the status in high school will forever worship her mom.


“Hey Seul…”


“You want anything? I got ummm…” Seulgi scours through her fridge and could only pout as nothing in her fridge could satisfy her health nut of a bestfriend. “Water?”


“No… I’m okay.” Wendy shakes her head before sitting comfortably in the couch, Seulgi joining her and handing her a bottled water anyway. “Thanks.”






The two clink their water bottles together, before taking a long sip.


“How are you?”


“I’m good, how about you? Your baby princess is dating?” Seulgi teased along with that pretty twinkle in her eyes.


“With your teddy bear.”


“I know…” Seulgi’s smile grew wider before her face turned solemn, as if a serious thought plagued her mind. “Are you- are you okay with it?”


“Ummmm…” Wendy’s gaze turns to her water bottle cap, twisting and untwisting it, unsure of what to say to her bestfriend. “No.”


“No?” Seulgi’s voice turned serious in a second.


“Chaeyoung could be with Gong Yoo and I wouldn’t be okay with it.”


The frown in Seulgi’s face immediately soften after hearing Wendy’s confession.


“No one will ever be good enough for our girls, Wen.”


“No one.”


The two bestfriends exchanged knowing smiles, a smile that says they’re moms now.




“Chaeng?” Wendy’s brows jump passed her forehead as she sees who is about to come out of the elevators.


“Mom?” Chaeyoung’s brows jump back as well as she sees who is about to step in the elevator. “What- what are you doing here?”


Wendy turns to the grand bouquet that Chaeyoung has in her hand, raising a brow at the splendor of it. Is her allowance that big that Chaeyoung could afford a bouquet like this?


“I ummm… visiting your aunt Seulgi.”


“Oh…” Chaeyoung pouts worriedly. “Is ummm… did you see Jennie there?”


“Yeah, she just walked in.”


“Did she ummm… did she look mad?” Chaeyoung’s worried look just gotten even worse.


“I ummm… she looks…” Wendy looks at her daughter, what should she tell her daughter? That her girlfriend has a resting face? “Just like she always looks.”


“I made her mad.”


Wendy looks worriedly at her daughter, who looks like she’s seconds away from crying. “What? Why?”


“Maybe she thinks that I like the girl from blackpink more than her, but I don’t. I love her more.”


The mom just pursed her lips trying to contain her stomach from the cheesiness of it all.


“So, you’re going to give her flowers?”


“Yes. Do you think she’ll forgive me?”


“Of course, sweetheart.”


“But what if she don’t?”


Oh God… Wendy could see those pretty brown eyes already brimming with tears.


“What if she won’t forgive me, mom? What should I do? Maybe I should buy her milk ice cream instead.. yes… that’s right. I should-”






“She’s going to forgive you.”


“You… you’re sure?”


“Of course, my darling.”




“Okay, my love.” Wendy stood on her tiptoes to kiss her daughter in her hair. “Why don’t you go give Jennie that flower and I’ll wait for you in the car?”


“Okay mom.”


“Okay, my love.” Wendy smiles sweetly. “Now, go get your girl.”






“Hey mom…” Jennie answered in a grunt, those fiery brown eyes focused on her phone screen than on her mom walking in.


Her mom squeezed next to her and Jennie automatically lays her hand on her mommy’s stomach.


“She’s getting bigger and bigger.”


“She is… a big kicker too.” Seulgi snickers while pressing a kiss on her eldest’s temple. “You okay?”


“Ye- ummm no.”


Seulgi looks back at her daughter in surprise, did she actually just admitted that something is wrong?


“Really? What’s wrong?”


“Ummmm… it’s stupid.”


“Well, I’m friends with your aunt Joy and aunt Yeri, so I don’t think you can surprise me.”


“Ohhh yeah? What’s the stupidest thing they did?” Jennie finally perks up, smiling mischievously as this information could finally edge her against those two.


“Ummm… there’s too many.”


“Oh c’mon, mom… there must be one.”


“Hmmmm?” Seulgi’s eyes turns into crescents as the memories flood in her mind. Jennie smiling back at the sight of her mom’s gorgeous smile. “So, ummm… we were big fans of girls generation back in college.”


“Uh- huh…”


“And they’re giving out free tickets to their concert, so we ummm… strategize… well more of Yeri, that if we join this dance contest together, one of us will surely win.”


“Who won?”


“Me of course.”


Jennie smiles beam proudly at her mom’s revelation.


“I can’t believe I have this side of me, mom.”




“This stupid side.”


Seulgi raised her head up, crescents eyes look confusedly at her daughter. “Stupid side?”


“I ummm… you know how Jisoo and Lisa are like Aunt Joy and Aunt Yeri 2.0?”


Seulgi couldn’t agree more.


“So, yeah… ummm… they were teasing Chaeyoung about her crush in Blackpink.”


“The one who came out with Solo?”


“Yeah? How did you know?”


The beautiful mom just smiles amusingly. “She kinda looks like you.”


“No, she doesn't.” Jennie answers, her frown only getting deeper.


“Yeah, my baby is prettier. And so? What happened?”


“I ummm… I got a little bothered about it.”


“That she likes someone else?”


“Yes.” Jennie groans in frustration before suffocating her scream on her pillow. “It’s so stupid. And I know it is, but I can’t… I can’t help it.”


“Chaeyoung is so much like your Aunt Wendy, just the softest person that loves with all their heart. It doesn’t matter if it’s an idol or someone, the way they love… they love with everything they got.”


A soft smile made its way into Jennie’s lips. “She… she does.”


“And if I knew Chaeyoung, she’s probably worried sick of you right now.”


Oh God, her poor, soft, soft girlfriend.






The mother and daughter raised their heads up when they saw Eunae peered her head inside the room.


“Hey baby…”


“Hi.” Eunae walks in, giving her wife a kiss on the lips. “Jen, Chaeyoung is here.”


“She is?”




Jennie turns to her mom and her mom gives her a reassuring smile. The high schooler jumps out from her bed. But before she steps out of her room, she checks herself up.


“You look beautiful, Jen.” Her mom said before adding. “Now, go get your girl.”






Jennie walks in the balcony, but it was as if seeing Jennie triggered the tear ducts in Chaeyoung’s eyes when she suddenly burst out crying.


“Chaeyoung?” Jennie says worriedly.


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… please don’t break up with me.”


“What? No… no… of course not.” Jennie steps closer to her, wiping her girl’s tears away. “I won’t do that.”



“Really.” Jennie kisses her soft girl on her forehead before the two fell in each other’s embrace. “I’m not gonna let you go that easily, Chaeng.”


Chaeyoung smiled, trying to calm the butterflies that’s just doing flying around her stomach. Jennie seems to perfectly know how to set those butterflies into a frenzy.


“I’ll choose you over her anytime.”


“You sure?”




Jennie answers with a chuckle before kissing her girlfriend once again.


To be young and in love…


So, in love.


It’s been two weeks and for the two young sweethearts, it’s been nothing but pure bliss. Well, until now…


But relationships are supposed to be rollercoaster rides anyway, and as long as they’re both in for the ride then it’s going to be an amazing trip.




From the living room, Seulgi could feel her heart bursting with pride to see her girl, her baby girl just finding that one she could love like this forever.



Wendy drums her fingers on the steering wheel, before she tilts her head up seeing her daughter, her baby princess wrapped in the arms of her darling. She should be worried, she really should but instead, Wendy finds herself smiling softly, happy to see her daughter fall in love right in front of her eyes.






It was a good thing for reflex or Jennie might have plummeted on the floor as she tries to leaped out of Irene’s arms.


“Hi… Hi… my teddy, I’m so sorry. So sorry.” She showered her little girl with kisses, and as if her kisses were all that her baby needs as Jennie fell asleep the moment she has her in her arms.


Seulgi settles herself in the rocking chair, singing a sweet lullaby to carry her darling to dreamland, from the doorway, her bestfriend smiled softly at the heartwarming sight. Right then and there, Wendy knew that dancing has already finished revolving around Seulgi's world, because right now, Seulgi had found the world she happily chose to be in. 


Right there, in the arms of her baby.




One in a trillion has such an amazing response that I would like to thank the readers with a sequel to that fic hehehe.


I hope this one will be just as enjoyable as their baby version.


Again its a fluff without plot soooo hehehe... But thank you for reading !


Next chapter... the girls go to a concert along with  their moms.

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