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Taeyeon, a siren princess was told that she'll find her mate on land by her old granny, and she was glad with the news as she always admires humans walking on land. What her granny didn't tell her was, she was going to meet two girls, meaning she's going to have not one but two amazing mates.

This story's idea is derived from the TV series 'THE SIREN' watching Ben, Maddie and Ryn's upcoming love triangle gave me the feels and I suddenly thought of yultaesic agaaaain. It's going to be a two chaptered story, will probably upload the first chapter by midnight.


/Disclaimer/ [sort of]

Credits to that amazing series but other than that; this story's plot is all mine and of course you all know that this is a work of fiction, names, characters, places, and incidents are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


The mermaid glided through the waters swiftly, every bit as eager to reach the couple on the beach as possible. Even with her speed, she was nigh invisible to anyone not looking. At least until she reached the shallows, where she was most exposed and vulnerable.

The fin across her back was first to come into sight, followed shortly by her mane of cordial orange hair with a light shade of jade tips. The mermaid herself rose from the surf like some terrible sea goddess. Her striking features now visible beneath the setting sun.


(Credits to the owner of this art)

Taeyeon: A 170 years old siren, and the daughter of the great Queen Tae Hee of the Hyeopjae beach Jeju, the town has been rumored to be the home of mermaids since the beginning of it's existence. Taeyeon was told by her grandmother that she'll only find her mate on land, with the right description of how; she emerged from the sea in search of her one true mate.

(credits to the owner of the pic)

Yuri and Jessica: Two adorable couple and the siren's mates but unknown to them.

I may or may not post the last chapter by this same time tomorrow but I will try to, if I'm satisfied with your reactions.
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