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ft. sehun, kai, chen
Status : Open & Accepting
paint your story
writing contest
 : About us

Paint Your Story

- is centered around the three members of EXO:

Kim Jongdae (Chen)

Kim Jongin (Kai)

Oh Sehun


The contest includes few rules that an author would need to follow when painting their story.
Read on to know more about those!
Also check out the prizes for the winners~~

> FAQs
> Cheatsheet
> Prizes

: Updates
+ feb 23: accepting entries!
+ mar 31: please contact SayCute if you have any inquiries about the contest. other hosts will be away for a short while.
+ apr 02: Allowing oneshots!
+ may 22: rules updated. multiple stories allowed. more prompts on the list. 
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: Rules & Guidelines

1. Subscribe:  this is a must. Once you unsubscribe, we would understand that you no longer want to participate and your entry will be cancelled.

2.Deadline: All stories must be finished by February 23rd 2020. If you are unable to finish your story by the deadline, do contact any one of the hosts. We'll help you as much as possible. Those who withdraw their entry before the deadline will not receive any participation reward.

4. Stories published after january 2018 only: Older stories will not be accepted.

5.tag your story: Include the Tag PaintYourStory in your entry so that it is easier for us to track it6

6. Members to be featuredYour story must feature any of the three members of EXO : Chen, Kai, or Sehun.

7.Genre:All genres are acceptable but the genres you are encouraged to use are stated in the cheat sheets. Do take a glance at it.

8.prompt :It is not mandatory to follow any prompts while writing your story but you will be awarded extra points for using the prompts included in the cheat sheets. Preferred pairings: check the cheat sheets.

9.unacceptable terms: / Yuri is strictly forbidden. Sorry but let's be straight here. Others include: Second-person narration, , Romanticizing , , Mpreg,  without plot (pwp), Genderswap.  is allowed as long as you place regard to characterization and plot.

10.Word limit: minimum: 10 000, maximum: 60, 000

11. link the contest:It is mandatory for you to link the contest in your story's forward. Use our banner to do so and encourage OTHER authors to enter this contest too. Password: eloquence. You can use either of them! post:  Make a blog post, including the banner and link it back to this thread. Include the blog post link in your form :)

: entries

Ready To Run:Sehun x OC
                          genre: romance, arrangedmarriageAU

enchanted: kai x Oc x Jongin
                       genre: mermaidAu, romance, angst

dancing with your sillhouette: Jongdae x oc
                        genre: drama, romance, angst

untitled: sehun x Seulgi
                   genre: demonau, friendship, romance

the damned heart of gold: jongin x OC
                    genre: modern royalty, arrangedmarriage,                                          angst, romance, fantasy

reasons to love me: jongdae x oc
                   genre: fantasy, romance, thriller

Future's Choice: Jongin x oc
                   genre:romance, slice of life, twinau

The Killing Machine: Sehun x oc
                   genre:Action, drama, thriller

죄 To the Devil's Beloved.: Sehun x Jisoo
                   genre:Historical, romance, drama, angst,                               tragedy

PSYCHO: Sehun x Oc
                genre:  angst, psychological thriller

Nostradamus made a footnote about this:                                           Sehun x OC
                 genre: romance, comedy, drama, fantasy

Forbidden Passage: Sehun x Jisoo
                       genre: HistoricalAu, romance, fluff, angst




: hosts
TOFMq4o.pngPearllin Always at your service. just a little busy with exams but pm her whenever.
kim jongin enthusiast. 
Around most of the time.
12 : entires
2   : jongdae (chen)
3   : jongin (kai)
7   : seHun
: Request format:

Fill the following form and post it on the comment section. Do it as you wish. just make sure we understand!

—Story Link:
—Story Title:
—Prompts (if any):

—Blog Post link:

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First and foremost, we are not as expert as is required for judging any story.

This contest is to encourage writers and readers all over the site to produce beautiful stories and to share their ideas and views with everyone.

We would like to thank everyone who thinks this contest will be worthwhile to participate in. Ask us through pm or comment if you have any confusion or any questions! Do not hold back!

You are welcome if you want to add to the prizes that are already their (For e.g. supporting us with graphics, trailers, advertisements or providing us with kps). Such donations would be used fully for everyone who takes part in the contest!

Suggestions will always be welcome since we have never organized a contest before and would like to know more about how the contest could be enhanced. Thank you so much!

We need more Chen and Kai stories~~
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