Dreaming Again

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Friends since the beginning of high school, Jinyeong harbored an untold admiration for Chanyeol. Despite her talent in words and conveying her feelings on paper, saying them was nothing but a distant dream that would never happen. After graduation, they had parted ways and their long friendship slowly faded, leaving her feelings to be buried deep in her heart.

Now at the age where they are at the peak of their careers, they are reunited through matchmaking from their families. Seeing him after eight years rekindled that dream-like feeling for Jinyeong.


-Author's Note

"Dreaming Again" was just a story idea that randomly appeared in mind, literally everything all at once. As I was editing Chanyeol's picture, I immediately became inspired and in less than a week, the planning was all finished for this story. I've always wanted to do a bit more fluff stories since I usually write short angst stories and maybe it was time to come off the path - just a bit. So yes, I hope you enjoy what is to come in the near future.

Fair warning, just don't plagiarize any aspect of this story. Cool? Cool. I think that's good enough lol

Even the king agrees.

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