‘You came back’
Her smile was blinding as white lilies, her voice dancing over the water. His heartrace doubled. So it hadn’t been a dream.

Chanyeol hands thightened on the handle of his lamp, eyes focused on the light it radiated. He still had no proof.

Her light dress was floathing around her bare feet and she didn’t try to hide it tonight. As she sat down under a tree facing Chanyeol, the pretty girl draped her tail over her thighs.

‘You’re not getting to me! I wont let you spellbind me with lies about him’. He couldn’t take his eyes of her. Partly because she clearly indeed was trying to pull him under her spell, partly because he didn't dare take his eyes off her. He was going to watch out for that tail, not giving her the chance to touch him.

‘You did your thinking? Have you made up your mind?’
Her voice was like feathers tickling his brain. He had to stay strong, keep focused. To have something to do he pulled out a book and threw it into the water.

‘I’m leaving soon. I just had to finish this chapter’. 




This is a small chaptered story that finally found it’s way into words after living in my head for too long. 

Maybe it’s a little bit different, I hope you’ll like it. 

English is not my first language. Please close your eyes at every funny mistakes I’ve made. 

Comments means the world <3

Are you lovely readers comfortable with this turning into a M-rated story, or should it continue innocent and soft?
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