Live and Die

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Lee Chaeyeon or also known as a punching bag and delivery girl in her school. In other words, she is getting bullied in school.
 All these years she keeps blaming herself for the cause of death of her mom. She wants to follow her mom but she doesn't have any courage to do it until now.

Miyawaki Sakura is a girl too who wants to die earlier than her own limited time. She always thought why to make it longer when the limited time that she got from above is coming nearer.

But what if one day, these two girls met on their life and death situation. Will something change?


Hi! This is my third story after passing the entrance exam for senior high school! *CLAP CLAP*

Anyway, it's been long since my last story so I'm afraid that their will be wrong grammars and spelling. Because you know, English is not my first language.


BUT, Now just enjoy this story of Hotaru couple! (I'm into IZ*ONE since Produce 48 TT) Please click the subscribe button and comment anything you want to ask or your reviews! Don't forget to press the button vote if you like this story! Thank you!


P.S. I'll be making other ships of IZ*ONE after this one :D

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Now enjoy the story XD


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Dashingbluelight #1
I remember reading this in 2019. I was so obsessed with this story, I would read it everyday. Found it again today. xD
pandamaos #2
Chapter 37: Just dropping by to say that it’s a beautiful story. I finished reading in 2 nights. A heartbreaking ending but was still ended nicely. Thanks for the story :)
leechaeyeon_11 #3
Chapter 37: someone cut onions ????no i’m not cry...hmm
ProduceTrash #4
Chapter 37: This is my first time reading a kkuchaen ff and makes me cry since the begging until the end. Can't believe sakura died.
sclocksmith #5
Chapter 37: I don't know what to say...
It hurts? Yes. But, same with Chaeyeon, I need to let her go too.
This is one of my favorites although i'm not a fan of angst. You did well, author-nim! Thank you for writing this story. Looking forward for your next works!
Chapter 37: :') fff you authornim. My eyes will swollen tom
Chapter 37: Hik hik my chaekura heart T_T
You make me cry thank you for your lovely story for us author. <3
Hope there will be chaekura again, love you author <333
lilykizaki #8
Chapter 37: i- so thank you for your story so much author sama...and...this sad ending is predictable but...excuse me I got to wipe off my tears first.

Now, where am I ? Yes. So from the beginning I love how Sakura take care of Chaeyeon and now Chaeyeon takes care of Sakura. Think about it, if Chaeyeon donates her heart to Sakura, they might have a better ending. But Sakura insists Chaeyeon not to, because she thinks Chaeyeon is the one bringing her the meaning of life. Chaeyeon...let her go and have a better life...
1795 streak #9
Chapter 37: Thank you for this lovely story!!!! Their relationship is a golden! They help each other and be there for each other, I’m sad that Sakura didn’t make it but I know it’s not her fault!! Thank you once again!