Just You And Me

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“Kang Seulgi!”

Taking her earbuds out from her ear, Seulgi turned towards the door, and there she found—Daniel—her dancing instructor.

He ushered Seulgi to come over, and the human looking bear complied.

With sweat dripping down from her forehead to her neck, Seulgi looked at Daniel questioningly, “What is it, Mr. Lee?”

“We have a new trainee,” Mr. Lee says, an arm out ushering someone to come in through the doors. “I want you to show her around and guide her through our training process.”

Before Seulgi could manage to utter a single word, a young girl walked in and Seulgi couldn’t believe her eyes.

She was so... beautiful...

Her eyes... her perfectly shaped nose... and not to mention her pink, luscious lips...

Seulgi has never seen anyone more beautiful than this person in front of her.

“Beautiful...” Seulgi unconsciously says, forgetting that her intructor was right in front of her.


“Ah!” Seulgi says, shaking her hands frantically. “N-Nothing sir!”

She can feel the heat rush to her cheeks, and it doesn’t take a genuis to know that she’s definitely blushing.

And then it happened...

She giggled.

Ears perking up at the melodious sound coming from those pink, luscious lips of hers... Seulgi doesn’t know why, but she has never heard anything sound so... pleasant.

It’s as if she can stand in this room and listen to this girl laugh all day.

She admits... i’s kind of contagious.

“Seulgi, this is Joohyun” Mr. Lee says, “Joohyun, this is Kang Seulgi.”

“N-Nice to meet you!” Seulgi says, an arm stretched out for a handshake.

With a smile, Joohyun took seulgi's hand into hers “Nice to meet you too.”






"Yah, Kang Seul"

A light smack on the cheek, and Seulgi was brought back to reality.

"Are you going to just stand there smiling at nothing or are you going to help me with the zipper?"

"Ah... sorry..." Seulgi says, flustered. She had totally forgotten that they were backstage, preparing for their first ever Red Velvet concert.

Seulgi quickly pull up the zipper from the back of the dress “There.”

“How is it?”

Seulgi smiled, “Beautiful.”

“Me or the dress?”

“The dress of course” Seulgi answers, earning a hard smack on the shoulder. “Yah!”

Seulgi chuckled, “I’m just kidding, Joohyun. I think you’re beautiful, more than anything.”

And there it was, the light giggles that she fell in love with.

“You should,” tugging Seulgi by the collar, Joohyun whispered into her ear, “I am your girlfriend anyway.”

And with that, Joohyun quickly, and discreetly pecks Seulgi on the cheek before heading off to the stage with the rest of the members.


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