Her Purpose


I'm taking a summer internship at Big Hit Entertainment shadowing BTS' manager and supposedly, I'm not allowed to fall in love with any of the members. I can do that . . . What could possibly go wrong?

Full Description: If I had to name something that I absolutely hated in the entire world, it would probably have to be the concept of nepotism. But here I am, as contradicting as it sounds, taking a summer internship at Big Hit Entertainment-only because I have connections.

The rules within this internship are said to be quite simple. I need to be responsible, respectful towards all staff members, maintain confidentiality, have a flexible schedule, etc. Oh, and not date any of the BTS members whatsoever.

The last rule makes me laugh because psh! Yeah, right. Why would any of them be interested in a girl like me when there are hundreds of pretty and talented girl group members out there?

Obviously, I'm not going to be breaking any of the rules, especially not the last one.

I mean, seriously. Jeon Jungkook-he's basically Mr. Perfect.

What could go wrong?

(**This story is also posted on Wattpad on Archive of Our Own under my different username WorldPeace9696**)

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