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What happens when two best friends from two totally different worlds realize "more than friends" might be more than an impossible dream?



I was a band geek. Jennie was a cheerleader. We weren't even on the same plane of existence, socially speaking, but Jennie was my best friend in the whole world.

Great, right? Oh yeah, except for the part where I'm also totally secretly head over heels in love with my best friend.


I was cool with it. I enjoyed what I had with Jennie. I suffered in silence and the knowledge that she'd never in a million years be into me. Until the night I discovered maybe Jennie was more into girls than I'd imagined even in my wildest dreams!


Lisa was my best friend. She was my everything. I loved her cute smile. I loved her dorky jokes. I loved her, and I didn't dare tell anyone. Especially Lisa. Not and risk ruining our friendship!

I was a cheerleader. I shouldn't be into girls. I really shouldn't be into my best friend. So I stayed miserable in my closet.

Then it happened. A late night bus ride. A game of truth or dare. A kiss that changed my world.

I always knew Lisa was my best friend. I always knew I wanted more. So why am I so terrified now that I know she wants more too? Why is it so hard to take what I've always wanted now that she's right in front of me?




This is a JENLISA adaptation only.  Rights and credits go to the original author of this story.

Changed the title. First one was way too long.
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