"Eyes to Love"


Son Hyunwoo and Jung Chaeyeon are childhood friends. They were living their ordinary lives to the fullest with their loving families until a tragic incident happened which took that happiness away from them.


A start of a bustling day in South Korea, people talking, cars screeching, leaves rustling, and the sound of metal gates opening again for those people who are about to gain diverse experiences through their lives in school.
Spring March 2003, two neighbor families also start their day with the usual warm noise echoing in both homes. 

Hyunwoo: E-Eomma! 
Chaeyeon: Eomma!!! 

And now their story begins.
Hello readers! This is our first time publishing a fan fiction, we hope that all of you will enjoy reading this and have the feels just as much as we did when we wrote this story.
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