Of Summer Rays and Salt


A sturdy four wheels. A vacation house out by the beach. 10 girls looking forward to a week and a half with no schedules. 


Now I've been wanting to write a wholesome OT10 Pristin fic for ages but I was unsure of what kind of storyline it would have. So I thought 'Why not put them on a road trip? Yewon did mention before on a Vlive that she would like to go on a trip with her members.' And this is what happened. This is also a good practice for me to write more about their dynamics with each other. All ten of them have really good chemistry that I find really endearing, and sometimes I get a good chuckle at how they interact with each other on Vlives and what not. 

This will be an ongoing multi-chaptered fic, and I hope you all enjoy the ride as much as I enjoyed writing this.

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