Sun Over Ash


Attachment: One Video.

Title: For my baby❤️❤️❤️



”Hello, my pretty girl~ 

You look absolutely beautiful today, you know that right? You’re probably going to deny it and question how I could say that when i’m not even there with you, but don’t, because i’m always going to be there with you, if not physically, then spiritually. So yes, even when you’re showering, i’ll be watching you as if i’m seeing the most gorgeous sight in the world because really…. I am.

So.. before we go on missions, the boys and I have this tradition where we write letters for the ‘people we hold closest to our hearts’ in case anything happens. As you can see, I am too lazy to write a letter, and it feels more appropriate and just more meaningful for me to say these things to you verbally. Plus, you get to admire my handsome face.


You better be nodding your head right now, sweetheart.

You are??


I’ve never done any of these sort of things for anyone, and honestly, you’re the only one i’m leaving behind a message for, so I hope to God that you never have to watch this video, because then that would mean that I am now physically separated from my favorite person in the entire world, and that, to me, is a punishment worse than death itself.

I’m sorry, you know? I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. I’m sorry that I left you. I’m sorry that I can't be there with you. I’m sorry that I won’t be there for you to fawn over in the flesh.

I’m so goddamn sorry.

But you’re strong, baby. You can get through this. I want you to know that you will get past this, because you are you, and you are really the best person in the entire world.

Just cry. Cry until you run out of body fluids and let it all out. Scream, stuff your face with that expensive and way too sweet matcha bubble tea you love so much, drop by the gym and punch a soft punching bag. Do anything you want to so you can grieve properly, but try not to hurt yourself, alright?

Once you're done, I want you to pull yourself together and get back up, as difficult as that may sound, but even when you feel like you’re at your lowest, like the whole world is going to collapse around you...

Just remember that i’m right there next to you, spiritually pressing a big fat sloppy kiss onto your flawless skin like this. MUah.

And then smile!!! Because the sun cannot shine and the crops cannot grow and the fishes cannot breathe if there isn’t a smile plastered on your face. The very same smile that is powerful enough to lighten up even the saddest of people because it’s your smile.


.... My love,

Even if we live a billion lives, I will still choose you over and over again.

And even though words aren’t possibly enough to describe what I feel for you, don’t you ever forget that you’re the best.

And that I would give up a lifetime of chicken wings for you.

And that I love you.

I really really do.

More than anything. Seriously.


I love you.”


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