Whatever It Takes

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Working for the toughest CEO couldn't have been that hard, especially when he isn't a former lover. But, Xi Luhan will do whatever it takes for the son of that CEO, whom he never knew about. 


" You are my secretary now, how does that sound?" 

" Better than the CEO's ."

Sehun smirked, standing tall against Luhan's dainty form. He leaned down, blowing hot breath on the shorter earlobe as he whispered "they sound the same to me." 







You thought I would pass Valentine's day (A.K.A my birthday) without posting something new for Hunhan??

I'm actually slacking off with updating fics "screw life" but this is a too good plotline by my best friend @/Selushiho and I can't ignore ><


* Warnings: 

- This story is Mpreg

- The story will contain M rated scenes (check chapter title before reading)

- Angggssssttttt


Enjoy my babes <3  






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