Derp: Winter Hearth Drabble Project

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With less, happiness is found in galore.



This is Winter Hearth's second project, a 5-day drabble challenge where we had to write for 5 days in a row. This was a challenge to all of us (especially Jamie and I, since we're more rebellious in our writing as compared to Fynn's disciplined one) so it was definitely nice to see how we progressed throughout the whole project.

We have decided to update this once every two days, so you can look forward to updates on 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 of February :D


The description will relate to the 5 drabbles in my part. With less, happiness is found in galore. Unlike my usual works, I have decided to challenge myself to write...more fluffy materials because that is what WenRene deserves. This is my contribution to make the sea of angst shallower, somewhat.


I would gladly welcome any comments regarding the stories. I can't promise any follow up sequels for the drabbles, but some really intrigued me so much I actually entertained some wild thoughts like making them into multichaptered series LOL. Alas, I have my hands full so far but if you're interested to pick up any of the drabbles, please do PM me :)


Thank you Fynn for always putting the Hearthers in place and for Jamie my songmate I ly lots.


Fynn's drabble: Sometimes, less is more.

Jamie's drabble: In time, your heart will sing for an encore.

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