「ECLIPSE」  : non-au, semi- instagram rp ╱ we are open now! come and join our warm family! ╱ check our wishlist


When the eclipse happened darkness covered the earth, there was no light, there was no hope. why don't you become our light and hope?

we are a closed non-au, semi- rp. our goal is to create a fun and relaxing environment for everyone to enjoy. So please come join us and help us create a family for all the lost soul out there.
1. Subscribe is a must, upvote is appreciated.
2. Dating ban of 
1 week. move in couples are welcome (please state your s/o, date and whether your status is open/closed dating, engage, married .)
3. all ualities are welcome.

4. OOC/ic dramas are not permitted.
5. OOC matters should be kept in  bracket if posted on timeline, we highly encourage you to use Ig stories to post about ic and ooc.
6. Hiatus is 
1 month and semi-hiatus is 2 weeks.
7. unlimited ccs but please do not abuse this, temp cc last for 
7 days. You must wait 1 week between each cc and tcc.
. Dm base about hiatus, cc/tcc, dating, leaving or other important matters. Password: One word that describe you.
9. No face-chasing or being rude to other people.
10. Post every 
3 days, after 5 days of inactivity you will be kick out.
11. Make an intro post within 
24 hours or your arrival or you will be kick out.
12. Since this is a semi- rp, no faceclaim 
under 18
13. We are only accepting Korean face-claim at the moment .
One account person. If we find out that you are double accounting, we will give you a warning, then kick you out if you don't comply to our rule.
15. no preg/mpreg.
16. last but not least, have fun!
1. Check the masterlist to see if your desired face-claim is available.
2. comment down below with this form and the correct password:
group/job: (if ulzzang, include ig handle)
ic age:
3. Wait for your application to be accepted. Your reservation will last for 24 hours, if you need an extension then let us know.
4. Add '
eclipse' somewhere in your bio and private your account.
taken reserved00/00 
ateez: mingi17
blackpink: jennie, rose, jisoo
bts: jimin, taehyung, jungkook, suga18

dia: chaeyeon
exo: baekhyun, Sehun, chanyeol, Kai, d.o, yixing20

Dreamcatcher: Sua
F (x) : amber
Got7 : Mark
mamamoo: moonbyul, solar
nct: lucas, taeyong, jaehyun
red velvet: yeri, joy, irene, seulgi

stray kids : jeongin, hyunjin, bang chan
twice : jihyo, sana

actors/actresses: lee jongsuk, kim hee-jung18
model/ulzzang: park sora
others: christian yu, Jaewon

sora: wishes for more Yu barom, got7's mark & Jaebum, seventeen's mingyu, exo's jongin, kard's BM, the boz's juyeon, infinite's l and more people

jennie: wishes for Got7's Jaebum & Jinyoung, Ex0's Suho & Jongin, Nct's Jaehyun & Taeyong, red velvet, blackpink, BTS, a boyfriend, and more people

moonbyul: wishes for the rest mamamoo esp solar, f(x), clc, twice's jihyo sana & tzuyu, exid, jessica jung, aoa's seolhyun, red velvet, and more people

rose: wishes for exo's sehun, bts's suga, nct's jaehyun, and more people

lucas: wishes for lee sunmi.

jisoo: the rest of clc, nct esp jaehyun and jphnny, pentagon, hyuna, ikon esp b.i, and bobby, cute people! everyone!

jimin: snsd's tiffany and jessica, bts's suga, jin, jhope, esp namjoon, complete monsta x and red velvet.

jongsuk: day6 members, twice, wjsn esp. bona, seola, and exy, nct, chungha, sunmi.
couple list
name x name. date. status.
name x name. date. status.
name x name. date. status.
name x name. date. status.
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