How to Love


This story is all about the girl, Park Chorong, who trusted the wrong person in her life.

Not all people could be trusted but you could always learn from it. That's what she remembered when she met this guy named, Kim Jumyeon, the guy who she trusted with all her heart.


"Maybe, if I didn't believe him, I wouldn't be in this mess."


Going down to a street where I would get my coffee everyday, I couldn't believe how peaceful this day is. I had my day planned. First, I will go to the coffee shop nearby and visit a library and then... Probably not planned as I thought."The usual." I told the guy behind the counter then he gave me a smile like how he would also do the past months since I moved here. 

"Here you go, ma'am." I heard him say as he placed the cup of coffee in front of me. Without any words, I gave him my card then watched him slide it through the machine. I smiled before taking my card back to me. It was saturday and starting it with a coffee is a paradise. I wondered about what I am going to do today without any stress involved.

As soon as I pushed the glass door, I bumped into someone on the way out. No, his face was the same. The look whom everybody would look at everyday and not get bored of it. He is still handsome, like before. Next to him was a little girl, I avoided eye contact with the both of them."Excuse me." I said before walking away.

"Chorong!" Jumyeon shouted but I couldn't look back at the past and remind myself of how stupid and naive I am. I wanted to start my life like what I did for the past months, I am happy and I am okay. The guy who broke my heart is right here with a little girl and that won't stop me.

I was about to turn around the corner to escape when a strong hand grabbed me, the coffee that I was holding was spilled on my shirt as he stopped me. I screamed,"I am not okay." I said with anger as I tried to take off the stain on my shirt.

Jumyeon was surprised as well,"I am so sorry. I'll make it up to you." He told me while panicking beside me. I snatched my arm away from his grip then glared at him. It was this time when I couldn't take a single look at him and was about to slap him but a kid was looking at us.

"I don't think I will be meeting you again. It's fine, I'll go home and fix this anyway." I said, taking one last look at the both of them before running away. That girl looks exactly like him, I wondered about how I carried that child in my womb for nine months and almost cried. I just wish I don't meet or run into him again.

I reached my apartment then plumped into the bed while lying down on my stomach. I am currently 25 years old and I had a daughter with a guy named, Kim Jumyeon, who is 25 years old too but things got out of hand after I gave birth to our daughter, Kim Hyori. I am such an emotional person, that was like 3 years ago. It's time to move on, Chorong.




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