Bread Wars

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Chaewon finds herself implicated in one of Hyunjin's mischievous bread adventures, leading to a parade of lowkey beef and shade between the two.  Will things change when Chaewon discovers the actual reason behind Hyunjin’s infatuation with bread?


Here we go again. I wanted to read Hyunwon but I can't find squat except hundreds of 2jin and Hyewon stories. Underrated ships deserve stories too.


Chapter 1 -  Hyunjin assigns official breads to each member

Chapter 2 - Hyunjin and Chaewon have a bread deal

Chapter 3 - A small misunderstanding between the pair

Chapter 4 - The two have a battle of wits and Chaewon comes to a realization

Chapter 5 - Chaewon discovers the reason behind Hyunjin's infatuation with bread



Links to my favorite Hyunwon moments:

LoonaTV 390
LoonaTV 458
LoonaTV 461
Gowon exposes Hyunjin around 46:20 (thanks to user ChaoticOEC)
Hyunjin shading Gowon
Hyunjin reacts to Gowon's teasing
Interview with Hyunjin and Gowon
Gowon guessing Hyunjin's items



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Chapter 8: Thank you for writing this! I finally had the time to catch up and this warmed my heart I love Hyunjin and their special relationship and you really outdid yourself here, there's not alot of butterfat so this is a real treat! I love it alot! Thanks author-nim!!!
cakehunter #2
Chapter 8: I really enjoyed this, AFF needs more HyunWon fics. It sure was a fun reading, thank you for writing it!
Hope you write more of this duo!
sesameSt #3
Chapter 8: thanks for writing a complete, well thought out fic for Hyunwon! this is going into my fav
Chapter 8: That ending, so fluffy!
ChaoticOEC #5
Chapter 8: Wow, epic ending. Love how you managed to tie together the stuff from every chapter.
sesameSt #6
Chapter 6: same, didn't know I needed Hyunwon till I watched those LoonaTVs
sesameSt #7
Chapter 5: lmao this is so hyunjin. thanks for the catfish crumbs
ChaoticOEC #8
Chapter 5: Gowon exposed Hyunjin here around 46:20
Chapter 5: Well since this is Korea, tere's a 50% chance of her last name being Kim, and a 50% chance it's Park.
sesameSt #10
Chapter 2: I like how this chapter captures Hyunjin's mischievous side and Gowon throwing shade but lowkey liking it =)