It's Ok, It's "Love"


It's Ok, It's "Love"
If you force love, can it still be considered "true love"?
Written by: wannabeme07
J ust when Kang Jiyeon thought her life couldn’t get any worse, she found herself being thrown into an arranged marriage with one of Korea’s biggest K-pop star Choi Siwon. With their present careers, family heirlooms, wealth and their future on the line, just how would these two handle their forced engagement?
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J iyeon couldn’t help the heavy sigh that escaped from her lips as she parked her car in front of an unfamiliar-looking restaurant, the words of her father still echoing in her mind.

‘Show up, or say goodbye to that clinic of yours.’

She convinced herself that she made the right choice.


“Jiyeon-shii, it’s good to see you.” Her father’s booming voice echoed throughout the almost empty restaurant the moment she entered. She noticed that her mother was there as well but made no move to acknowledge her arrival. It was no surprise tho, they never had a good relationship in the first place. Across her parents was another couple she was completely unfamiliar with but somehow, the female looked oddly familiar. She knew this must have been the She made her way towards the four before bowing to greet them.

“Good evening father. Good evening mother.”

She greeted, her face passive.

Her father then turned towards the couple sitting right across them.

“Kiho-shii, Jaejeong-shii I’d like to introduce my eldest daughter Kang Jiyeon-shii. Jiyeon, this is Choi Kiho-sii and Byun Jaejeong-shii." 

She turned to face the couple sitting opposite them and bowed. “Good evening. Mr. Choi, Mrs. Byun” She greeted with a polite smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Jiyeon-shii. I must say, you look even lovelier in person.” Mr. Choi greeted.

“I’m sure you and our son will make a lovely couple.” Mrs. Byun smiled at her, eyes twinkling in delight.

She had to control herself from scowling at the thought.

“Speaking of which, where is he?” Jiyeon’s mother inquired. “I’m looking forward in meeting this gentleman of yourrs."

Mr. Choi chuckled. “Well, I must apologize for my son’s tardiness. I’m afraid he experienced schedule conflicts and will be arriving a little bit later than expected. Please do understand that our son’s career is very important to him."

Jiyeon tried to to purse her lips in disdain. So he was allowed to put his career first before anything else while she’s forced to make ends meet with her parents. Lucky him. 

Before anyone could say another word however, a black Audi pulled out front.

“Oh, he has arrived.” Mr. Choi announced.

All 5 heads turned to face the entrance where, much to Jiyeon’s surprise, entered a tall young man she often saw in billboards, TV commercials and music show broadcasts.

“There’s our dashing young man.” Mr. Choi stood up as he greeted him with a hug before turning to address his companions. “Kang Jihoo-shii, Park Miyeon-shii, Kang Jiyeon-shii, I’d like all of you to meet my son Choi Siwon, Jiyeon-shii’s future husband.”

For the first time, Jiyeon was at a loss for words.

author's note
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