No Strings Attached

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They hastily meet at a ball on the first night of The Yellow Daffodil, an exclusive cruise that will take half a month to come back to Korea. 

Seeing that they’re both in the same situation and that they came into each other’s life right on time, the deal that would change their lives is made. 

Two important rules to follow: 

15 days only,

        No Strings Attached. 




May sound cliché but nothing I ever write quite is, so stay tuned.

This is my third full fanfic, the concept had been made last year but since I'm currently taking charge of two other fanfics I had to postpone this one. But with my first fanfic nearing the end of its story, I'm pleased to say this one gets to see the light. 

I originally had this fanfic in mind for another Red Velvet ship, but when I started to think about it, the character also seemed to fit Jisoo pretty well. Which eventually led me to question who I wanted to portray as Seulgi's co-star in this story. After much thought and no answers I decided I would let it up to you guys, which reflected on a poll with Jiseul winning with an incredible 89 votes difference. 

BlackVelvet nation let their voices be heard and I was one to listen.

Being my first fanfic with a crossover girl group as main characters, none other than Kim Jisoo and Blackpink will ride this along with us. I hope both blinks and reveluvs, and truly every other person who would enjoy my story, is ready to hop on for the ride. 


All Aboard! and Please take care of me.


-Your captain, ww. 

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