I'm All Yours Now


"I like you, hyung," slipped out of Jeongin's mouth.

Minho was flustered. It was clear that Jeongin liked him; in his eyes, in his nervous acts, his stumbling speeches. But it still caught him by surprise to hear it verbally.

He knew the younger was pretending to be asleep, if his unregulated breathing and blush creeping on his face to the tip of his ears were anything to go by. He took Jeongin's hand that was positioned in front of his chest and kissed his knuckles. He grinned, enjoying how the younger burning because of such simple touch. "Thank you, Innie."




Jeongin is in love and Minho is in denial. 


i need to stop doing this to Minho istg. posted with no proofread before i change my mind and decide not to publish this at all. anyways, here it is, hope you like it! 

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