W two worlds - Season 2 - four worlds (US)


#1. Korean Drama SCREENPLAY + Photo-Drama (TV ILLUSION).

~22h. 68 episodes of 15-20 minutes. First draft 100% written. Slowly adapted in photo-drama.
It's unofficial Season 2 of MBC drama W two worlds (더블유), by screenwriter Song Jae-Jung (송재정).
This script as been registered to international copyright protection, Berne convention.

#2. Logline.

Two years after "W", two more manhwas become alive.
Kang Chul and his loved ones face unknown phenomena.
An unexpected threat beyond imagination awakens.

#3. Reading tips.

- Activate the "night mode" to remove the white stripes on the sides.
- Be patient when opening a chapter because even optimized, the loading time can be long.
- If some images are not loaded correctly, refresh the page (F5).
- Take the time to look at the images of dialogue, that's where the emotion comes from.
- Do not scroll the page too fast to avoid being spoilt by large images.

#4. Photo-Drama Example.

Oh Sung-Moo's house, in the afternoon.

- How.... How did I get here?!

Soo-Bong can no longer move, as if immobilized on a picture.

- I am... I'm in a photo-drama?!!
- Yes, Soo-Bong.
That's what is this famous photo-drama, whose author is harping on our ears.
- It's really amazing! It looks so real!
It makes me feel like I'm watching a drama on TV.
- More than that, sweetheart, I feel the magic of "W" being reborn...
- Hyung, don't tell me we're going to suffer this damn curse again?!!!

#5. w4worlds Official blog.

- Allows you to comment on individual episodes.
- Has the most recent updates, not yet reported on asianfanfics.
- Several articles about the project's development.


I can't continue a full photo-screenplay now, because it takes too much time.
And I need this time to make corrections on the episodes, better writing.
So I will publish the next parts with a simplified photo-screenplay.
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