Alice Kang is a hairdresser and stylist who can’t find a full-time job in England, where she was born and raised. But her successful uncle offers her a job as a stylist in South Korea, so she can take over when he moves to America. Little does she know that her uncle is the stylist to the biggest boy group in the world, BTS!!

Alice is also a closeted KPOP fan and a complete introvert. She can’t meet strangers, hates confrontation and has many fears of people. What will happen when she unexpectedly finds herself working for BTS, as a BTS Army who can’t even look at them in the face… and what will happen when she notices a group of dangerous fans stalking the boys?

Will she be able to stop the sasaeng fans that are plotting to hurt the boys? Will she be able to do her job without fleeing every time BTS enter the room? And what will happen when one of the members take an interest in her? Will she cope in this whirlwind that is her new life? 




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