Do You Love Me?



Taehyung has never been happier, he seriously can’t remember feeling better than this, and he was pretty sure it was all thanks to him.


He thought that as time passed, he would reach an agreement on how he felt towards the other Kim. It took him months to, but he finally did. He now knew how to label this feeling: it was love.


He just needed to find the right words to describe it and honestly, Matthew having it so easy when it came to sharing the way he felt wasn’t helping at all.


I’ll go back through my whole library of fics to do some serious fixing into them. This one is a personal favorite and the one that needed it the most so it wasn't that hard to choose where to start.


I hope this new year brings only joy and well been to all of you. Enjoy this update.

This is a direct rework of ‘Say You Love Me’ that (may still be) available here in AF. Just in case you had like to see where this came from and/or read it completely since this will come in bites. Be advised, the writing styles and overall quality may be (and hopefully are) different.


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