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Unable to remain at home has Taeyeon seeking herself to a bar to let the night pass. What she doesn't expect, however, is that her hours won't be spent in the solitude as she expected. Instead, she encounters a man who seems to understand her situation very well. And perhaps someone from whom she can find empathy and solace…  



"…the following connection was enough to make her smile…" 



Main Characters 


Title: "Feels" 

Author: Coccchanel 

Year: 2019 

Genre: Romance 

Rating: PG 

Chapters: oneshot 

Main characters: Kim Taeyeon and Kwon Jiyong 

This is a work of fiction and I own this story. I do not own any pictures or names. All personalities are made up. If my story happens to be close to identical to one by another writer, or there is any resemblance to living or dead people, it's merely a coincidence.  



Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved.  

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