The Wishgranter

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Wendy is a wishgranter, who lives in a small shack under the town square’s wishing fountain. She, of course, lives a life full of boredom and nothingness that is until a cute, countryside girl asks a weird request.


“Being a wishgranter is nice... you get to witness people’s smiles as magic comes true right in front of them. But lately, it gets me wondering... what if this time it is my wish that I get to grant? Would I also smile as wide as they did?”

“I think you will... You’re smile seems to be the most genuine I’ve witnessed on this town. Besides, you seems to be an awfully great wishgranter.

“Hah! Says the one who don’t believe in wishes and magic.”

“I don’t... But I believe in you.”                       





Linking Hearts but minus all the mythological stuff. Also, this is loosely based on the CGI 3D Animation Short Film "The Wishgranter" which you can watch on Youtube. I highly suggest you watch it because it's soooo cute and adorable by the way. Also, thank you for reading this story! Until next time! Bye!> 




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