Protego Totalum

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Okay so I’ve been iiiitching to get a Harry Potter au story out but I just kept pushing it back as I thought I didn’t have enough information in my geeky mind to write out a full story but I decided that since it’s the last week of winter break, I should let out this idea that I’ve been really struggling to keep back. 

I hope I don’t disappoint since I’ve been doing a lot of research on how this world works! Sorry for any inaccuracies~ Also! All of the girls are the same age and all start at year one together :))

(Slightly inspired by eunbestie’s Keep Your Enemies Closer regarding the girl’s houses :D)


   Many things can go wrong around here. That’s why you need to be cautious during these seven years. It may seem difficult but I’m telling you, it’ll be amazing. Having this long journey with people you’re close to while making some new friends on the way. Maybe even romance will blossom.

   But you must always be prepared for anything. It’s typical to fight for what you think is right huh? But don’t be afraid. It’s gonna be okay here!

                               -Hwang Eunbi, Seventh Year




Let’s take a trip to the past. Where Eunbi was just a mere and small first year student. She got to learn many things and acquire many friendships in her seven years in Hogwarts. As well as many enemies.

But aside from all of the fights and conflicts she had to endure, she came out on top and became one of the main people to protect and secure forevermore the magical world that she calls her home.


I’m an artistic machine~ I just made a new trailer, check it out in the foreword my doods :D
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