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Kim Chaeyoung recently won a gold medal in a regional swimming competition and her victory brought honour to her hometown, and naturally, the school that she went to as well. Despite having won the first place, nothing changed for Chaeyoung; her town still didn't have the facility to facilitate her training session, she still didn't have a coach, and she was still cocooned in her own life, with nobody willing enough to pull her out. It was as if she was living under the water, and all she could hear was the beating of her own heart and the occasional rush of water streaming in.


Maybe her independence (or truly, if somebody asked her, isolation) was the thing that made her success to be incredibly impressive and talked about by her townspeople. The rise of the underdog, the would say, and she didn't know whether that was meant to be a joke or a compliment. But then, they didn't say that to her—they only said that about her. She was visible, and yet at the same time people looked past her, and only felt her presence.


Still, all those things didn't stop her from trying even harder to achieve her next goal: competing for the nationals and winning it. There was a small voice, in her mind and around her, telling her that she was too goal-oriented. Chaeyoung, do you ever stop? No, she had never, and she would never stop for anyone. Not even for herself.


Instead of going back to the changing room, she sat perched at the of the cool and stared blankly into the space. Her bun was messier than it was before (he assumed that she must have taken a short nap before coming back outside) and the tendrils of her hair were continuously poking on her cheeks and occasionally her eyes as the hot breeze blew over them. She wrapped her arms around her legs as she curled her body, her towel gone, and her shoulders exposed. Kyungsoo shouldn't be looking at her for too long, but meeting face to face with Kim Chaeyoung was a rarity itself, and he had never been able to take a good look on her apart from looking at her pictures on the local newspaper.


Kim Chaeyoung; the rising star of the town; the one who made the townspeople proud for her achievement. She was akin to the poster girl of her hometown, but for some reason, as he was searching her features, he couldn't find the shining girl who had received a gold medal in the regional swimming competition.




Do Kyungsoo            Kim Chaeyoung



windflower; anemone; the approach of rain storm when the petals close up; anticipation and excitement for something in the future


author’s note:

hello again, loves! this time i’m back with yet another kyungsoo x oc fic because i’m a biased stan who (for some reason) literally cannot write about any other member but kyungsoo :’) this time i’m coming back to my “roots” and decided to write pure slice of life, and i also decided to use the writing style that i’m most familiar with.


i think that these days writing has become somewhat of a chore for me and i felt pressured to develop my writing because i was embarrassed by the low quality of it. while i still think that it’s important to hone my craft, i still want to be able to write “comfortably” without having to worry about putting out low quality content. this story, windflowers, is truly a story that represents the true essence of my writing, and it might even be my worst as well.


i will not be updating this story until i feel like i’m ready. until then, feel free to check my other kyungsoo x oc and other stories by clicking here.


please don’t plagiarize/copy, translate, repost etc. any part of my work without permission unless it’s for review purpose. every character and setting in this story is fictional unless stated otherwise, and if there are real people and settings used, they are used fictitiously and have no correlation with the real version of them.


thank you for your support and interest. please don’t forget to leave this story an upvote if you enjoyed it.


you may contact me via twitter or curious cat.



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ooh i’ve been listening to mamamoo’s wind flower recently and i didn’t know that the title actually meant something until i saw this LOL. it’s such a pretty term though and i’m curious to see how it ties in with your story c:

(also omg what font are you using? everything about this fic so far is so aesthetic haha i love it)
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really excited for this!!! YOU GO GIRL