One night, one little text, and Baekhyun finds himself an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on.

In which Baekhyun is supposed to be happy, and Chanyeol is a lifeline volunteer. 


Baekhyun is a happy little guy. That is, until night and loneliness come and bring back all the bad feelings.

Chanyeol is just trying to help. He's seen first hand what happens when you're not okay, and there's no way he'll let anyone disappear if he can hep it. 










Hello everyone :3 

Let's get to it right away ! This is a SNS Au I'm posting on Twitter but I thought " Why not also posting it on AFF and everything ? " Because not everyone has twitter huh ? I mean it's probably really ty because why wouldn't it be, but I hope you'll like it at least a bit :)


Pairings : Chanyeol & Baekhyun

             Jongin & Kyungsoo

              Jongdae & Minseok  

Warning /!\ : Suicidal thoughts, bad grammar (probably). Not a Native English speaker.


• Don't mind the time stamps ! I'm trying really hard to always change them but sometimes I forgot hehe ^^'

• I appreciate all comments :3

• Welcome to my world ! 


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I'm finally done with this week's exams, and I'm free for 3 days straight, so I should be able to finally update properly !
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