"This will be a point of no return, no regrets?"

"Yes, no regrets."

Title: Unfaithful
Genre: Romance, angst
Starring: GOT7's Mark & Twice's Nayeon

"When two ex-lovers meet again after their break up six years ago, that was when they realised maybe they've never moved on at all.
A reunion was the start of their endless sins."

Start: 11/01/2019
End: ??/??/????

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important note!

this story is rated not for any but the topic is definitely not suitable for 21 years and below. so read at your own risk. i have no means of trying to promote being unfaithful, it's purely for story purposes. 

now, to the fandom, i DO NOT want to see any bashing of any characters in the story. i have to say this because like i said, this story has sensitive topics and cursing. if you feel uncomfortable, (which i hope you won't because i'm keeping it as safe as possible), feel free to stop reading.

love, ddeokbxkki.


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