{you were here | winter is gone}

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Once again, he breathlessly sat down on the bench and placed the bouquet of dahlias and baby’s breath on the spot beside him, where she used to sit.

His lips quivered.

A commitment, a bond—that lasts forever. Everlasting love.

“Haneul,” his brain on autopilot said. “I miss you.”

Silence greeted him in response.


{Based loosely off DAY6's Goodbye Winter, one of their lesser known songs.}

Q: When is summerxblessings the most creative?

A: When I'm procrastinating of course! OTL I wrote this the day before the semester started and now I'm addicted to listening to this song.

Q: How long is this story?

A: Not long at all; I am splitting this into different parts because of the stylistic approach I took with writing this story. You'll know why when I finish updating. I will update every other day until this is complete; this is just so that I have time for editing and last-minute additions.

Q: Why is this story called "{you were here | winter is gone}" if it's based loosely off "Goodbye Winter"?

A: From my knowledge of Korean, it is a direct translation from the lyrics. Even though the official English title is "Goodbye Winter" the last two lines of the chorus directly translate to "You were here/Winter is gone". I used that specific lyric video because from what I've dug up on Youtube, it seems to have the most accurate translations.

Q: What does the name Haneul mean?

A: It translates directly to "sky" in Korean.


This will be posted in the future on my AO3 and Wattpad account (the same username and under the same title).

FINISHED! January 13, 2019. Thanks for reading! I hope you leave a comment to tell me what you thought of this. See you guys around! I'll be writing more DAY6 stories once I finish most of the other stories that I have that are ongoing.
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